kPoint Technologies + Vtiger CRM


Computer Software


Pune, Maharashtra


  • Improved team collaboration
  • Increased team productivity

About kPoint

kPoint Technologies is a leading video solutions innovator, providing a platform which enables people to create, embed, stream, and distribute high-quality enterprise videos. The kPoint platform also provides in-video search , and click-through analytics. Founded in 2011, kPoint was named a NASSCOM Emerge 50 company - India's most coveted recognition for innovative software product companies. With several patents and industry awards in its bag and powerful features on its platform, kPoint is on its mission to help businesses get more out of videos by making them engaging and snackable.

The challenge

Within a couple of years of its inception, kPoint had more than 100,000 users. The company needed an efficient system to manage customer data, sales pipeline, products, documents and sales team activities.


After evaluating several CRMs, kPoint chose Vtiger CRM for its ease of use, configurability, and excellent customer support. And with Vtiger in place, the organization is able to easily track it’s sales pipeline and manage contact information, sales team activities, and deal related documents.

Vtiger helps kPoint achieve sales and marketing synergy

kPoint’s sales and marketing teams work very closely on a deal. “Our marketing team runs both inbound and outbound campaigns to generate leads. Further, the leads are qualified and handed over to the sales team. The sales team progresses the opportunity in the funnel from one stage to other after completing a set of predefined tasks. During this entire customer journey, both marketing and sales teams use Vtiger CRM as the single source of truth for all customer related data. Meeting notes, quotes, sales presentations, emails, and every interaction both internal and external is recorded in Vtiger and is always accessible to every team member” says Siddharth, Director Business Development. This data centralization and transparency streamlines inter-team collaboration, reduces dependency on people, and align the teams to work on single goal and get better results.

Customizability and ease of use makes working with CRM easy

Siddharth says, “We use specific nomenclature in our business. And we were able to bring it into Vtiger CRM easily.” kPoint has renamed fields and modules in Vtiger to reflect the common terminologies the team uses. He continues, “Furthermore, we can use workflows to easily configure the system to meet our business requirements. And if we face any issues, Vtiger’s support team is always helpful.”