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How to Improve Business Communication with CRM Integration

Welcome back to the Cut-down Costs with CRM blog series where we will be discussing multiple dimensions of cost reduction with the help of a CRM.

In this blog, we will be discussing how you can improve communication by integrating multiple apps with a CRM.

Businesses that engage in devising a strategy to increase communication will lead towards the path of success without a doubt. Transparency in communication between businesses and prospects will plant the seed of trust in customers. It will enhance customer loyalty towards the brand and improve customer experience.

As per a Deloitte article, we live in an era where customers expect us to understand their wants and needs.

So, what should be done to monitor customers’ unique needs and demands?

Use a CRM that allows you to track, manage, and organize customer journeys throughout their lifecycle. And, with effective conversations, you can deliver your offerings on time and retain their interest for a lifetime.

Now, how can you make your conversations ‘effective’? After all, as a business, you must be using multiple channels to reach out to your customers – phone calls, emails, SMSes, and what not.

Most CRMs allow you to integrate communication apps that you use. The result is you will be able to manage all your conversations directly from the CRM. Let us see how.

Communication through integrated system

As we discussed in the previous blog, How to use CRM integrations to conduct business smoothly , conversations with customers can improve only with an integrated communication system. There are many ways of reaching out to a customer via phone calls, SMSes, live chats, etc.

Seamless communication is possible if different conversation tools you use are incorporated into a CRM. An integrated communication system in a CRM allows you to:

  • Create an omnichannel communication system.
  • Reach out to your customers through different modes of communication like phone calls, emails, SMSes, etc., from a centralized location.
  • Have real-time conversations.
  • Track and record client interactions.
  • Receive instant customer feedback.

Benefits of integrating various communication apps with a CRM.

Integrations provide you a centralized platform for all communication and record interactions. Using this data you will be able to:

  • Understand customer requirements.
  • Close more deals by understanding customer engagement.
  • Use feedback to provide quality services.
  • Respond to customer queries smartly.
  • Resolve customer issues quickly.
  • Learn about market trends.
  • Identify loyal customers and provide personalized offerings.

Vtiger Conversations Tools

Vtiger CRM has also implemented customer-centric strategies for smooth communication. By integrating your conversational tools with Vtiger CRM, you can engage in seamless, transparent, and flexible communication. You can also track customer touchpoints and increase collaboration among internal teams, customers, and prospects. These are:

  • Vtiger Inbox: You can use the Inbox to receive and manage emails from multiple accounts like Gmail, Outlook, etc., in the CRM. It also provides one-way and two-way sync options. The former allows you to receive all customer emails from different accounts directly into the CRM. And, the latter allows you to send emails to customers from CRM using Inbox feature.
  • Vtiger Phone Calls: You can integrate different service providers like Twilio, Plivio, etc., with the Phone Calls module in the CRM. This integration helps you make phone calls directly and reduce dependency on a phone instrument. You can set up voicemails, share documents, rate customer sentiments, etc.
  • Vtiger Webchats: You can solve live queries of customers using the Webchats feature. It allows you to transfer a chat, display demographic details of the customer, change status from online to offline, etc.
  • Vtiger SMS: By integrating different SMS service providers like Clickatell, Gupshup, etc., you can send SMSes directly from the CRM. You can track, and store messages in a single location, and provide personalized messages to your customers.
  • Vtiger Surveys: You can take feedback from your customers using the Surveys module and align your business with customer expectations.
  • Vtiger WhatsApp: You can have smart conversations with your customers using the WhatsApp module in Vtiger. It facilitates you to share images, important documents, links, etc., with your customers on time.

Want to benefit from using a single platform for communication?

Integrate your coversational tools with Vtiger CRM and take a test drive.

Sign up for a 15-days free trial and make the most out of it!


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