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Train Your Support Team Using LMS and Deliver Faster Resolutions

When businesses fail to meet customer expectations in terms of providing quality service, delay in response time, etc., it shows a clear sign of poor customer service. If your support team is putting your customers on hold or transferring calls from one agent to another multiple time, you should realize your business is unable to provide a superior customer experience (CX).

So, why is it essential to provide a better customer experience?

A remarkable customer experience or CX is important to sustained business growth. It promotes customer loyalty and helps you in retaining customers in the long run. As per the report provided by Adobe, organizations that implement CX strategies are three times more likely to succeed and outperform their set business goals.

Now, what should be done to attain greater customer satisfaction?

Provide customer service training regularly so that your support team would be able to resolve customer queries efficiently which leads to better customer satisfaction. Let us understand that more deeply.

Significance of customer service training

How your support teams interact with your customers can make or break the image of your brand. With the best support training, you will be able to reduce escalations, minimize response time and improve the quality of conversations with your customers.

Not just that, regular training also provides an opportunity for your employees to upgrade their skill sets. Employees can improve their business knowledge with regular training sessions and ensure they are updated about your products and services to quickly address customer queries.

In the previous blog, we discussed modern strategies to conduct sales training using LMS software. We have also discussed the benefits of using LMS integrated into a CRM for corporate training activities. Now, let us understand how you can provide a superior customer experience by training your customer service team using the LMS application.

Benefits of customer service training using LMS

With the help of LMS, you can create, manage, and publish training programs that enable support executives to fix the problems and cut down customer churn. It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational company or an SMB, the LMS provides training solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Now, let us shed some light on the top four benefits of support training using LMS below:

Centralizes information with updated content: Your support team needs to be updated frequently when there are changes done to the product or services. Online training makes it easier to deploy training materials in a single location and provides regular updates with alerts and notifications to everyone in the team. LMS also facilitates certified courses, gamified learning programs, etc, and make learning interesting and fun.

Access information anywhere and anytime: Your support teams can access information related to your product anytime if it is stored on a single platform. For example, they can refer to learning materials while on a call with the customer if they get stuck. They do not have to depend on higher-ups or anyone from the organization to get information which makes it more convenient.

Also, LMS enables you to deliver customized training programs. You can create and categorize different courses like soft skill programs or product overview courses. Executives can take up courses as per their requirements and focus on those areas where they lack skill and knowledge. LMS training also provides flexibility to learn during their free time.

Monitors progress and measures results: Unlike traditional classroom training, where it is difficult to evaluate the impact of training after allowing support teams to work with real customers; e-learning allows you to monitor your employee’s progress right after the training session. You can track employee performance with regular quizzes and assessments and provide feedback by generating reports using an LMS tool.

Saves time and boosts productivity: Online training promotes self-learning option by having all the content readily available on a digital platform. It allows employees to take up training at their own pace without disturbing their focus from work.

Vtiger has launched its LMS feature which enables you to

  • Curate custom training resources using five core learning modules- Concepts, Questions, Exercises, and Quiz.
  • Onboard new staff from different locations and deliver quality training materials.
  • Impart information to your staff at the time of need.

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