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Boost Conversion Rates with Vtiger Sales Enablement Tools

Due to covid-induced lockdown, many businesses have switched to remote work culture. But has the new work environment changed business dynamics? Yes, employees working from home are trying to meet today’s changing business needs using technology. Businesses are increasingly using tools in the digital space and advances in technology to interact with customers.

Even the sales domain is no exception. Gartner reports state that 23% of front-line sellers want a shift from field sales to virtual selling platforms1.

If virtual selling is the demand of the hour, your business needs to have an effective sales enablement strategy and a CRM with sales enablement tools. These should help you enforce a streamlined sales process and provide reps with the necessary resources to surge conversion rates.

Today, CRMs come with a multitude of sales enablement features and tools that help you conduct business smoothly – a 360-degree view of the customer, analytics, interactions tools, integrations, etc.

Our previous blog spoke about key elements required to create a sales enablement strategy. Now let’s look at Vtiger sales enablement tools that you can use to implement this strategy and meet your business goals.

How does Vtiger help you in implementing an effective sales strategy

A sales enablement strategy is tailored to maximize customer retention and minimize customer grievances. Vtiger’s Sales module provides the features and tools to enable your sales team to:

  • Have enriching conversations leading to customer delight.
  • Plan out sales strategies to win more deals in less time.
  • Automate workflows to save time and effort on repetitive tasks.
  • Generate data-driven insights and make informed decisions.

Vtiger’s Sales Enablement Tools

In this section, we will list Vtiger’s sales enablement features and tools that you can use to implement your sales enablement strategy and aid your sales teams to meet their targets.

Pipeline Management

If you have a well-defined strategy for winning a deal, half of the problem is solved. A sales pipeline depicts different stages a deal goes through, from initiation to closure. It displays the win probability of a deal, estimated revenue for the set time, lists out prospect information, etc.

Vtiger’s pipeline management has two important features:

  • Deals: You can manage the deals in your pipeline, defining parameters and workflows. With different deal stages, you can easily track your sales progress. It also gives you an idea if a potential deal can be taken to closure. With Vtiger’s Deals feature, you can change pipelines, link quotes, and leverage One View for clarity on deal closure.
  • Forecast and Quota: This feature is mainly for the sales managers in an organization. By looking at the sales pipeline, you can predict the estimated sales revenue over a set time. Based on the current sales structure, you can specify sales goals or quotas for the next year or quarter. You can also make informed decisions and set clear targets in the future to scale up your business.

Sales Engagement

A better engagement is the foundation for building trust and loyalty. There are multiple ways to engage with the customers, from prospecting to deal closure.

The Inbox feature helps you collate and bring all your important emails to one place. You can respond to queries, receive notifications, and take actions directly from the email to ensure you do not miss out on important emails.

Using the Quotes feature, you can create, attach quotes to a record, or send it to your customers with product details like the pricing, discounts, terms, conditions, etc.

After closing a deal, the next thing a business should focus on is providing a better service. Customers having an issue can connect with you using Live Chat. The chatbot responds to the customers with a predetermined set of answers, or your customers can talk to an agent. Feedback and ratings from customers will also let you know if the interaction was satisfactory.

Sales Automation

Automation in business is introduced to minimize human intervention, i.e., simplify all those mundane, repetitive tasks that require time and effort.

Automate your sales process with Assignment Rules, Workflows, and Approvals. Use the Process Designer feature to create and test workflows even before implementing them. You can map all the tasks and activities related to deal closures using Playbooks. This helps sales reps perform related tasks and close deals smoothly.

Sales Enablement

You can empower your sales team with the right tools to help them manage sales activities single-handedly.

Vtiger Sales Enablement offers customized Email templates and Print templates that you can use to send emails with offers to grab eyeballs. You can also use Print templates to customize documents like quotes. You can automate Email Sequences to ensure emails are sent on time. With email automation, you might win a chance to retain a customer that has lost interest in your product.

Document Management sharing in Vtiger helps you easily share and manage documents related to your deals or contacts. It enables you to centralize all your marketing and sales documents in one place. You can integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox for additional storage space.

However, emails are not the only way to mingle with your customers. You can use the Appointments page to schedule meetings or appointments according to the client’s availability.

Contact Management

Having an effective contact management system is important for marketing and sales activities.

Vtiger’s Contacts module lets you record information – everything from a phone number to billing details to historical data in one place. With the contact record accessible across the organization, internal collaboration becomes easy, and you get a unified view of customer data. It enables your reps to access customer information from different screens and apps seamlessly. Imagine how enriching customer conversations will be.

Collaborative Tools

Collaborative tools help you connect with customers and colleagues without missing events and deadlines. Vtiger CRM lets you stay up to date on your work deadlines and set reminders for an event. You can also tag colleagues and contacts for messages and tasks using @mentions.

Documents can be shared for approvals and signatures with the E-sign Documents reducing the dependency on paperwork.
All these collaborative tools only aim at one thing – enhanced collaboration within and across teams to eliminate communication gaps.

Project Management

Manage your projects effectively using the Vtiger Projects module. Set up milestones and create tasks to complete your projects on time. Organize, initiate, and close your projects before deadlines to impress your team.

Sales Readiness and Others

Sales Readiness in Vtiger lets you coach your reps by laying out strategies to close deals, enhance sales pitches, etc. The Sales Readiness module in Vtiger allows you to provide audit trails, calculate compensation, etc. You can plan and create your sales commission aligning with your business goals.

Track and automate all your business expenses using Vtiger Expense module, which can be linked to invoices. While creating a quote, sales order, or invoice, you can add a set of discounts using the discounts module, which will be applied automatically to these inventories. Also, create a unique to-do list using Vtiger Measurement Checklist that matches your workflow.

Sales Analytics

Businesses can only make informed decisions if sales practices are based on evidence. In fact, your departments will be unable to predict or validate your sales forecast if there is no insightful data on team performances, deal closures, and other sales activities. The Sales Insights feature helps you in achieving that. You can provide inputs to your team with the help of reports shown in charts, tables, or graph forms.

Using Sales Leaderboard, you can see all the top activities performed in a selected time like top performers, top products sold, top deals, etc. A Sales Dashboard helps you track sales progression. The Kanban View of the sales dashboard enables you to analyze the sales team’s performances, prioritize tasks and activities, and leverage contact information for better engagement.

Be it a small business or a well-established firm, sales enablement remains a key factor in knitting business goals and empowering sales teams. Vtiger Sales Enablement tools help you stay on top of the game. It helps you manage your deals better and increase the sales team productivity.

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Reference 1: Gartners Sales Enablement Strategy