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Boost Team Productivity with AI-enabled CRMS

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most sought-after software to boost and manage customer relationships effectively. This application is robust and has rich features like contact management, lead management, document management, etc., to execute your tasks effectively.

Then, why there is a need to integrate AI with CRM software?

With businesses expanding and a growing number of customer data, it is only feasible to process unstructured data with the help of AI algorithms. AI can handle large amounts of data with few errors which is certainly the need of the hour. And, also it can automate most repetitive tasks.

Imagine you are a sales manager, and you need to predict how much revenue your organization will be able to generate in the next quarter. Yes, there is no doubt that CRM allows you to record massive amounts of data but taking insights from them manually is time-consuming.

Here comes AI to your rescue. It provides accurate insights that allow you to give smart recommendations for your business in minutes. Not just for sales, if you integrate AI in your CRM, you can:

  • Segment your customers and send automated emails.
  • Have a keen eye on your sales funnel.
  • Take aid from chatbots to have a real-time conversation with your customers.
  • Get real-time insights on your sales data.

And there is more.

How AI in CRM can help different teams in your organization?

The interruption of AI can minimize the workload on your employees and let them turn their focus to value-adding tasks. This results in increasing their productivity.

We have already given you a glimpse of how CRM integrated with AI can help you in the above section. Let us understand them deeply by looking at the core teams.

Marketing Team

AI can streamline and automate the lead management process. By generating leads from different channels, scoring and nurturing leads to assigning them to the sales reps. All these activities will be taken care of by AI and help you reach out to potential customers at the right time. This allows you to generate greater revenue in no time.

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It can use historical data in CRM for customer segmentation, targeted marketing campaigns, and provide personalized recommendations of the products.

Sales Team

Businesses can forecast sales using AI-enabled tools and make sales predictions. It can support you in optimizing sales results by identifying gaps and understanding different patterns from your current sales performance.

AI can also evaluate customer emotions by providing conversation analysis. It provides inputs on the effectiveness of calls with sentiment analysis and recommends sales reps on how to respond to them effectively.

Customer Support Team

For the support team, AI chatbots make a loud noise to trigger real-time customer engagement. Businesses are setting up bots to chat with customers and quickly resolve their queries. Also, bots fetch customer information, event and task details, etc., from the chat window using various commands. This relieves the support team from endless call conversations and aids them in gathering information from a single location.

If you are looking for an AI-enabled CRM, use Vtiger’s Calculus. You can make Calculus your assistant and find ways to work smartly with advanced features.

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