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Export and Import data Seamlessly with Google Contacts and Vtiger CRM Integration

Hello Folks!

Hope you have been following our Boost productivity with Google Workspace integration series. The previous two blogs were about Google Workspace integration and Gmail Integration in Vtiger CRM.

If you have read the blogs already, join me and let us explore the next popular Google Workspace application – Google Contacts and its integration with Vtiger CRM.

How do you know if a person is interested in your brand or products?

You can recognize it if you reach out to them, understand their requirements, and see if they match with your offerings. Unlike in the old days, it is impossible to sell your products by visiting door-to-door. Hence, the only viable solution is to connect with them through other means like a call or an email.

Also, customers prefer reaching out to businesses over the phone rather than other communication sources. A report by Bright Local states that 60% of customers choose phone calls as the most preferred method of communication.

Now, with businesses reaching out to a large group of audience, it becomes difficult to jot down their primary information like name, phone number, etc., on a piece of paper. In order to record your customer information in a seamless manner, you can adopt Google Contacts for your business to store customer details digitally.

Also, you can integrate it with your CRM to enjoy other benefits as well. Let us understand that below.

What are Google Contacts

Google Contacts is a customer information repository developed by Google. It allows you to store information in your Gmail account and you can access it by logging into your Gmail Id. One of the greatest advantages of storing information in Google Contacts is that you can access phone numbers even without mobile phones.

Imagine a situation where there is no battery in your phone but you want to urgently make a call to your customer. You can open your Gmail, look at the number, and reach out to your customer using another phone. Not just that, Google Contacts allows you to record detailed information like Company name, Job Title, Birthdays, etc.

You can perform other actions like creating groups, merging, importing, or exporting contacts as well.

And if you are a CRM user, you can integrate Google Contacts with your CRM and import all the information into the CRM. For example, if you are a sales rep and you quickly want to save lead information in the CRM, you can easily import it without manually entering the details if you already have the number recorded in your Google Contacts. This is just one aspect of integrating Google Contacts with a CRM.

Let us explore other features of Vtiger Google Contacts.

Linking Google Contacts with Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM allows for easy integration of Google Contacts. You can configure Google Contacts in the CRM for a smooth two-way data flow (called syncing) – both import and export. Field Mapping allows you to automatically map and record data when you import contact information in the CRM on the go. Contact records are created with the data you have entered. The sync process also allows you to sync a hundred records at once.

If you want to get a glimpse of how syncing Google Contacts with Vtiger works, click on the video.

Benefits of integrating Google Contacts with Vtiger CRM

Google Contacts is mainly beneficial for sales, marketing, and customer support reps. As mentioned above, they can easily import and export data from Google Contacts to the CRM and vice versa using One-way and Two-way sync options. Also, you can:

Monitor the latest interactions with your customers

Vtiger does not just allow you to record primary information but also enables you to store your conversations with your customers. These recorded conversations can help your team understand customer behavior and reach out to them accordingly.

By referring to historical data like previous conversations or products bought:

  • Marketing reps can initiate targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Sales reps can modify or enhance their sales pitch.
  • Customer support agents can quickly understand and resolve their issues.

Also, Google Contacts allows you to record Birthdays. You can wish your customers on their birthdays and make them feel important and valued.

Stay updated on recent activities

Vtiger CRM allows you to update each and every piece of information about your customer instantly. Consider this example. Suppose your customer has changed his phone number or residential address and you have only updated it in your Google Contacts list. With the integration, you will be able to transfer the update while syncing it to the CRM. You do not have to manually update it in the CRM fields. In this way, you can focus on other important activities effectively.

Merge duplicate records

You can eliminate data duplication with Google Contacts integration. CRM detects if there are multiple entries for a customer record and merge it into a single record.

So, how does Google Contacts integration help you in boosting productivity?

When you are automatically able to record customer information in the CRM using field mapping, you can escape from manual data entry and focus on other priority activities. You can invest your time in nurturing customer relationships and target more deal closures in a limited time.

Now, would you like to boost your team’s productivity as well?

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