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Integrate WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM to manage your customer data & boost sales

Have you heard of WordPress’s plugin called WooCommerce? No?

Similar to Shopify and Magento, it is a free eCommerce plug-in for WordPress. If you have built your website using WordPress, all you need to do is install the plugin to convert your website into an online store!

It is easy to use, it is flexible, and it comes loaded with features. In fact, it is so popular that it is used by about 2.3 million eCommerce stores worldwide1 . To learn more about WooCommerce, click here.

WooCommerce Integration For Vtiger CRM Users

Are you a small or medium business running an online store using WooCommerce? Worried about how you will manage customer and business data captured from your online store?

Here is good news – Vtiger CRM now integrates with WooCommerce!

And Vtiger Users can take their business to the next level with Vtiger and WooCommerce integration. Wondering how?

Firstly, WooCommerce helps you convert your website into an online store. You can track orders, manage deliveries, record customer engagements, and much more. Secondly, if you are a Vtiger user, you can sync WooCommerce data and manage all the data from within the CRM. You can sync data into the following modules of Vtiger CRM:
  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Deals
  • Orders
With this integration, you can:
  • Map fields between WooCommerce and Vtiger modules.
  • Sync data between WooCommerce and Vtiger in both directions.
  • Access and manage your WooCommerce business contacts, products, sales orders, and tax records in Vtiger CRM.
  • Use the WooCommerce data in Vtiger to generate actionable reports.

So how do you use WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM?

Using WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM is easy and involves the following:
  • Installing WooCommerce from the Extension Store.
  • Configuring or setting up the integration.
  • Sync Vtiger with WooCommerce by mapping data fields.
  • View the data synced to take advantage of Vtiger CRM’s features.
Once you sync data, you can derive the following benefits.

Benefits of WooCommerce Integration

When you integrate WooCommerce with Vtiger CRM, you:
  • Sync customer and order data between WooCommerce and Vtiger in real-time.
  • Save time and effort by managing your contacts, products, sales orders, and tax data from a single platform.
  • Prevent duplication and errors with a single source of data.
  • Create reports and segments based on the customers’ purchase history.
  • Increase engagement and sales by triggering email campaigns from Vtiger.

The big advantage – Vtiger’s One View
With Vtiger’s One View feature, you can centralize customer data. With customer data available in the CRM, you can:
  • Store details about customer purchases
  • Know your customers better by analyzing their purchase activity in the CRM
  • Enable sales and customer support teams to make informed decisions with historical data
  • Nurture the leads and contacts of your website with Vtiger Email Marketing
  • Generate reports for actionable insights

Don’t miss the bus! Businesses are moving online at a fast pace.

Avail the benefits of this integration- take a test drive today. WooCommerce integration is available for Vtiger One Professional and Vtiger One Enterprise modules.

Sign up to manage your eCommerce store from Vtiger CRM.


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