Stress Working from Work Home

Seven Proven Ideas to Combat Stress while Working from Home

Living in quarantine has become our new way of life. So has Work From Home. We all think it’s great staying at home and not rush to the office every morning. But in reality, you know it’s a whole new challenge.

Owing to the lockdown, work from home problems are now manifold.

  • One, you are not allowed to go out. Being cooped up within the four walls of your house all day can be disturbing. Man is a social animal, and no human interaction or entertainment, and working outside of a typical office environment can surely affect us all.
  • Two, only stores that sell essentials might be open. So, being stressed about not having enough for the entire family is only natural. And if you have infants, you might be worried about stocking up their food and other needs because of limited availability.
  • Three, schools are closed. You need to attend to your kids and try to keep them entertained while you work.
  • Four, there are a lot of household chores like cooking, laundry, and dishes involved. And if you are away from home, it is only going to add to the stress you might be feeling.

Do you realize, this chaos might harm your mental health? And if you do not relax your mind, how will you be able to give your 100% to your professional and personal life?

Since we at Vtiger are working from home too, we know what you’re going through. So, here are seven proven ideas to relieve stress and make you more productive in your QuaranTime (pun intended)!

We have been following these and have reaped the benefits and hope you will too.

  1. Meditate: The importance of good mental health is indisputable. So, what better than meditation to keep your mental balance in check? Isolate yourself in a peaceful spot at home; make sure the place is quiet and not too bright. Meditate at least five to ten minutes daily, and you will feel relaxed like never.


  2. Solve puzzles: We know what you’re thinking – “Won’t this stress me out even more?” It won’t. Research says that solving puzzles relaxes the brain cells, in turn relieving stress. Isn’t that surprising? So, solve a simple jigsaw puzzle, a sudoku puzzle, or a crossword at the end of the day to keep the stress at bay.
  3. Read a book: Reading a book is a good brain exercise and great for reducing stress. A good read not only calms your mind but also improves your imagination and creativity. But having said that, we also urge you to pick up physical copies of books rather than reading e-books; reading on your phone, tablet, or laptop can strain your eyes.
  4. Read a book

  5. Write: This is a great stress reliever. Start your own blog or a journal. It can be about the Corona Virus or something you love. It can even be about something you hate. But if that doesn’t work for you, there’s a simpler option – express your thoughts in a diary at the end of the day. Studies say that expressive writing is an efficient stress management tool.
  6. Organize: Do you have a disordered shelf or a disorganized wardrobe at home? Or even folders on your laptop? Start organizing them gradually. Don’t overburden yourself by trying to arrange everything at once. Organizing things makes you feel better and helps you manage stress.


  7. Take a break: This one’s a no brainer. Taking short breaks between work not only refreshes your brain but also improves your productivity. So, take a 5 to 10-minute break every 90 minutes, even if it requires you to extend your work hours.
  8. Try out gardening: It may seem like gardening requires a lot of effort, but that’s not true. Take 15 minutes out of your day to plant a seedling, pull out weeds, or water your plants. I speak from personal experience. A few minutes of gardening after a stressful task does wonders – it relaxes your mind and how! And the best part is, it helps you sleep better. Isn’t that all we need after a stressful day?
  9. Apart from the above, think positively, try not to use your phone much, and pamper yourself with self-care products.


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