Make team collaboration easy and fast with Vtiger’s @mention

Historically, email has been the most widely used tool for communicating and collaborating in the workplace. Employees exchange emails to discuss projects, share files and documents, and keep track of all work-related conversations. In many collaborative situations, however, the utility of email breaks down and no-one is the wiser. For example when many people are involved in an email and discerning who needs to read and act on it wastes many peoples’ time. Or when the conversation switch between “reply to” and “reply all” accidentally leads to miscommunication. Or yet when tacit knowledge exchanged through email is buried in individual inboxes. There must be a better way to collaborate and get things done.

Vtiger’s @mentions make working together easy and quick. Whether you want to seek an expert’s suggestion for closing an opportunity, or to just broadcast a regular update on a CRM record. Just @mention the concerned people and instantly draw their attention to what needs to be done. And because all conversations happen in one place that’s accessible to all team members, finding and sharing knowledge becomes easier than ever.

Connect teams and make exchanging important messages easy and transparent

Although various departments in an organization work independently, members of one department often collaborate with members of another when making some decisions. Vtiger’s @mentions let them exchange messages seamlessly, while keeping conversations organized and visible to others in the department. Consider the following construction industry scenario. A building engineer decides what materials should go into the construction of a building, while a logistics team member makes purchasing decisions based on existing stock. They manage the project through a Vtiger project task, and in it, an engineering team member @mentions a logistics team member the requisite materials. The logistics team member gets a notification, proceeds to the record, reviews related information, and continues the conversation through @mentions. That conversation remains forever visible on the record, and searchable, for all other team members working on the project in the future.

Take quick actions with instant notifications


Vtiger’s @mention conversations are faster and simpler than email conversations. Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario to elaborate on this point: Ari, a sales associate, is meeting with a prospect and is very close to sealing the deal. However, out of the blue, the prospect asks for an additional 10% discount. Ari wants to check with his manager if the discount is allowed. So, he quickly opens his Vtiger mobile app to the opportunity and comments “@Mark Urgent: client asking for +10% discount.” Mark instantly receives an alert in Vtiger’s notification center. Or, if he’s on another browser tab, a desktop notification that immediately draws his attention. Within seconds he replies “@Ari Let’s close w/ +10% discount. @BillingTeam, please note.” Ari gets the update right on his smartphone and closes the deal successfully. In this case, @mention allowed Ari and Mark to collaborate in short messages that share context in a way that’s impossible to do with email.

Capture and make tacit knowledge widely available

Tacit knowledge is undocumented knowledge that is learned through experience. Let’s say a prospect is hesitant to agree to a deal, so the sales associate turns to a sales expert for help. The sales expert uses their tacit knowledge gained from a similar experience in the past to suggest next steps. If this conversation were to happen through an email exchange, then it would be confined to the associate and expert and invisible to others at the organization. But when this conversation happens inside of CRM, by mentioning @SalesTeam, other sales associates will learn how to tackle a similar situation.

Vtiger @mentions improves your team members communication and collaboration. Quick and transparent collaboration process gets things done in time and ensures that the shared knowledge is never lost.