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Use Vtiger CRM as a comprehensive QMS tool to check and monitor the quality of everything from SKUs in the warehouse to conversations by sales and support team members.

Here is how Quality Audit helps

Quality Audit is an add-on that gives you the power of an end-to-end audit tool integrated right into your CRM. This makes the entire audit process - from planning and execution to reporting, a breeze.

This powerful add-on uses the power of Calculus AI to let you even audit the quality of conversations your sales and support teams are having with customers.

Top benefits of Quality Audit:

Internal Audits are a breeze

With Quality Audit internal audits are a breeze and cost-effective. It is typically costly and time consuming to plan and conduct paper based audits and often the data is never properly analyzed. Now audits can be conducted frequently and non-compliance can be tracked and eliminated.

Quality Audit is versatile

The Quality Audit add-on can be easily adapted to match your business flows and processes. The templates and forms can be customized and easily created without any technical expertise. Since the add-on is optimized for mobile use, audits can be conducted at remote locations and the data is captured and available for analysis in real-time.

Drive customer delight

With timely and rigorous quality audits, there will be a marked improvement in quality of output and compliance to expected standards. This in turn will drive customer and employee delight.

Set up your own Audit Templates

With Vtiger Quality Audit, you can create your own custom templates with just a few clicks. The template can be customized based on your business needs, the frequency of your audit and even based on pre-set triggers.

Once a template has been created, it can be reused as many times as required eliminating the need to manually create, track and file audit responses.

Create Audit Forms

Audit forms are automatically created from the templates and assigned to the auditor. The audit forms can be accessed conveniently from your mobile which gives the flexibility to audit remote locations like warehouses and even trucks.

Capture responses, images, videos

In addition to recording responses to audit questions, using the Quality Audit capability, auditors can also record images and even take videos. These can be tagged against particular questions for accurate context and reference. Capturing live images and videos serves as incontrovertible proof of the authenticity of the response recorded by the auditor.

Generate internal tickets to track gaps

Observations and gaps noted during the audit can be converted into an internal ticket and tracked to closure. Since the Quality Audit add-on is deeply integrated with Vtiger CRM, tickets can be easily assigned to designated owners.

Drive improvements with insights

With all quality audit data centralized in a single location in the CRM, you can extract deep insights to pinpoint failure points and drive improvements. This is much faster than having to compile and manually enter data from various audit reports. Insightful reports with the ability to provide scoring and slice and dice the way you need to evaluate gives you the insights you need to make a difference.

Top Industries where Quality Audit is used

Medical and Pharma: If you are a company in the medical and pharmaceutical space you are subject to stringent regulatory standards. For hospitals and nursing homes, providing the highest standards of care for patients is critical. With quality audit, you can easily plan and manage Tier 1 - Tier 3 audits to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Food Safety: Food safety audits cover all the processes in the preparation, handling and storage of food. These audits are necessary to prevent foodborne illnesses. Food safety is essential whether you are a grower, packer, processor, distributor or buyer of bulk feed, supplements or products for human consumption. With Quality Audit you can demonstrate your adherence to safety and regulatory requirements.

Manufacturing: If you are a manufacturer, in addition to compliance audits, you also have to deal with detailed manufacturing processes and quality control procedures, and complex products with precise product specifications coupled with vast intricate supply chains. Quality Audit can help you bring in excellence at every stage from Design and Engineering to Manufacturing Environment, Infrastructure, and Maintenance Processes to Inspection of the Conditions of Finished Goods.

FMCG: If you are a FMCG company then customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential to your success. Regular internal audits are essential to ensure high quality of consumer products and increased brand loyalty.

Aged Care: For companies in the Aged Care industry, maintaining a high standard in care for those who are in need of care is critical. A well planned and regular quality audit schedule increases accountability and demonstrates your commitment to patient safety. Using Quality Audit, you can ensure that there is continuous evaluation of your service against the applicable standards and drive continuous improvement.

Hospitality: In the highly demanding and competitive hospitality industry, the key to growth is consistently delivering the highest quality services to your customers. With Quality Audit you can easily set in place regular Functional and Technical audits for everything from Customer Relations to Supplier Quality to stay ahead of the competition and also be compliant with regulatory requirements.

Retailing: Companies operating in the retail space have to deal with complex processes and procedures. Multi-store retailers have to go one step ahead and require standardized processes to deliver the company's standard of service consistently across all locations. Businesses that can leverage their internal systems effectively will be able to provide a superior experience for their end consumer. Quality Audit can easily help measure the effectiveness of service and touch-points and identify gaps that need improvement in a timely manner.

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