Nurture more leads from “Hello” to win, faster than ever

Vtiger helps you run a better sales process - with 360º lead histories and scoring, one-click engagement, on-record collaboration, everything-automation, and sales analytics.

Equip your team with the tools for sales success

Visualize your sales pipeline

Prioritize what deal to work on next, with a visualized view of all of your sales deals and essential information about them.

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Accelerate deal nurturing

Accelerate every sales stage, with one-click actions that help you from placing your first call, to getting a quote approved

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Collaborate effortlessly

Harvest the collective knowledge of your team to help you close deals faster, with on-record messages and real-time notifications

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Automate next steps

Save time and focus on selling by automating follow up reminders, import emails, update deal records, and more

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Effortlessly manage your sales team's pipeline

Kanban Sales Pipeline

Find your most valuable leads, with lead scores

Not all leads represent the same potential value. Lead scoring ranks your leads based on their profile characteristics and engagement, so that you can spend more of your time with the ones that are most likely to generate the highest value deals

Find your deals at risk of attrition, with idle deal notifications

Get notified by a marker in the Kanban view, via pop-up notification, and via email, whenever a deal goes idle and is at risk of leaving you

Find any deal with pipeline visualization, sorting and filtering

Visualize your open deals as summary cards laid out in a Kanban view of your sales stages or other important deal parameters. Then, sort and filter them to find the one you’re looking for

Accelerate every step of deal nurturing

Contact Management in Sales CRM

See a complete history of each contact in one centralized place

Vtiger automatically logs emails, phone calls, notes, deals, and other records related to each contact, subsequently making research effortless, so that you can spend more of your time selling.

Schedule appointments effortlessly

Do away with the back-and-forth emails that usually accompany appointment scheduling. Just share a link to your appointment page to let your contacts choose a time from the free time on your calendar.

Appointment Scheduling for Sales
Sales Email Composer

Reach out instantly, with one-click emailing and calling

Ready to engage? Place a recorded call or start an email from any contact’s record in just a click. With emails, you can start from scratch or work from a pre-built template that fills in relevant contact information. Then, attach a doc or file from Vtiger’s document management system. Afterward, see a contact’s communication history right inside their record.

Share deal-related documents that you can collaborate on in the browser

Share marketing, sales and other documents with built-in collaboration tools that let you converse directly on documents with contacts. Any engagement with a document is tracked down to the second, per page. with those documents are tracked by person, to the second, on every page.

Sales and Marketing Document Management
Sales CRM with Invoicing

Build and send quotes, convert them to invoices, and request payments in just clicks

Create a quote in just a few clicks. If it has a discount that needs management approval, Vtiger automates the entire approval process down to just a few seconds. Once approved, send the quote to the customer. And if they accept the quote, convert it to an emailable invoice that’s synced with Quickbooks.

Analyze and improve your team and pipeline performance

Vtiger's pre-built sales insights show you your team and pipeline's performance in past periods. You can use that information to find and resolve causes of sluggish sales growth, and to coach employees on increasing sales.

Dashboard for Sales Insights

Win more of your deals
with smart, collaborative tools

Real time Alerts in CRM

Follow up at the right time with contact engagement notifications

Whenever you send an email, or share a document with a contact, you'll get notified whenever they open your email, click a link, or read a document that you've shared with them. You can even see how much time they spent reading each page of a document you shared with them.
Mentions in Vtiger

Collaborate with your team on the best way forward, with @mentions

Collaborate with other users on any contact, deal, or other record, with messages that alert them to review a conversation whenever they've been @mentioned

Spend more time nurturing customers.
Automate everything else.

Data capture

Always work with the most up-to-date, complete picture of every contact, with automatic email, phone call, chat, and other record capture.

Deal Assignment

Accelerate deals by getting them to the right team member instantly, automatically, as soon as it’s created - via round-robin, deal-load, or other rules.

Email messaging

Nurture contacts with the right message at the right time, with event-based, or time-based drip campaigns and autoresponders email delivery.

Internal notifications

Get notified automatically whenever a contact or deal you follow is updated, or when certain conditions are met like high value deals reaching the closed state.


Never let another conversation or deal slip through the cracks, with automatic reminders to follow up with idle deals, and manual ones on anything you want to follow up on.

Quote Approvals

Accelerate quote approvals with an automated process. Vtiger detects when an approval is required, notifies the right approvers for the scenario, and simplifies how they approve.


Eliminate the back and forths that come with scheduling meetings. Just share a link to your appointment page to let your contacts book the best time for them, on your calendar.

Record creation & updates

Save time by letting Vtiger automatically update contacts and deals whenever programmable by a rule.

Reporting & Insights

Vtiger can automatically build and deliver scheduled pre-built insights or custom reports to employees and managers via email.

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