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Speech about Analyzing the Sales Process

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Speech:  Analyzing the Sales Process
Speaker:  Joe Bordes
Place:   Faculty of Economics, University of Brescia. Italy
Date: Thursday, 5 of May 2011
Time: Pending confirmation
Hosted and Introduced:  Eugenio Brentari (UniBS) and Andrea Alberici (Studio Synthesis)
Excerpt: In this speech I will try to analyze and answer some of the questions that arise when implementing a CRM in a business.

  • What a company expects when they approach a CRM implementation.
    •  Basically there are two types of companies that need a CRM program, the companies that have no software controlling their work and those that have software that controls their production but they lack control on their sales process. In my first speech I spoke about how each company needs specific and personalized software to cover their needs and how a CRM can become the perfect software solution for a very big market segment. In this second speech I will try to analyze the second group and see what is happening with the sales process
  • What a company achieves from a CRM implementation.
    • Independent of the expectations of the implementation I will explain what every company that implements a CRM gets and how that affects the companies day to day life.
  • What a company does not achieve from a CRM implementation: more sales.
    • Many companies expect to increment their sales when implementing a CRM, or directly try to implement a CRM to achieve this goal, but it is rarely the case, at least not in a direct and spectacular way. I will try to explain why I think this happens.
  • What can we do to increment our sales.
    • We will talk about the current sales process, analyze and expose it’s current weakness and apply the Theory of Constraints to the process to see how it can be segmented, demystified and controlled to obtain better sales.
  • What can we expect of the future of the sales process
    • Finally I will try to look forward and ask ourselves where the sales process is going and how we can be there when it arrives.