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Trigger WhatsApp Messages in bulk with Vtiger Wablas integration

Do you get exhausted after sending hundreds of WhatsApp messages to your customers? Are you missing out on responding to your customer’s queries on time?

With businesses reaching out to zillions of customers at a time, it is difficult to give personal attention to each one of them and provide a superior customer experience.

Let us understand it more by looking at a business scenario.

Jack owns a painting business that provides interior and exterior painting services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups. He provides cost-effective and customized solutions for businesses in setting up comfortable interior spaces that help in boosting employee morale.

Now, as Christmas is around the corner, he is planning to run a WhatsApp campaign by providing good offers and discounts. He is also planning to launch refer and earn programs, membership benefits, etc.

  1. What do you think is the ideal solution for Jack to target more customers in less time?
  2. Since a majority of business activities happen around CRM, is there a way to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from CRM software?
  3. Can he send messages in bulk to new and existing customers and enable auto replies to save time and increase customer satisfaction?

The answer to all these questions is integrating Wablas integration with Vtiger CRM for his business. Using the Vtiger WhatsApp module, he can perform several actions by adding the Wablas WhatsApp Application Programming Interface (API) gateway extension into the CRM.

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Before we jump into Wablas integration with Vtiger, let us shed some light on the basics of WhatsApp API and its common features.

WhatsApp API: A business messaging application

With over two billion users across the globe, WhatsApp is dominating our lives with text-based communication with full vigor and strength. Also, it has entered a professional environment to bridge the gap between business and prospects by facilitating seamless communication.

So, why should you use WhatsApp Business API and not the WhatsApp Business application?

WhatsApp API is designed for large businesses to send and receive unlimited messages and aim for enhanced customer engagement. Besides sending messages to unlimited users, you can:

  • Schedule messages.
  • Get verified profiles with a green tick.
  • Install WhatsApp bots to provide 24×7 customer service.
  • Access WhatsApp from multiple devices.

On the contrary, WhatsApp Business is tailored for small enterprises. It restricts messaging capability to endless users and only provides basic features -to chat individually or in groups.

Hence, it is an ideal solution to use WhatsApp Business API for related marketing activities.

Since WhatsApp API is only an interface, it needs a CRM like Vtiger to streamline messaging effectively. There are many external sources that provide WhatsApp API services to various types of businesses. And, one among them is Wablas.

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Now, as it is mentioned above, let us see the functionalities of Wablas integration with Vtiger CRM.

Communicating through Vtiger Wablas

With Vtiger Wablas integration, Jack will be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from CRM without the help of mobile phones. He should have an active account on Wablas and install Wablas add-on from Vtiger in order to perform this function.

Sending messages with Vtiger Wablas integration

He can send messages straight from CRM using different Vtiger modules. Modules such as Contacts, Leads, Organizations, etc., aid in sending WhatsApp messages using different customized templates to provide a personal and professional touch.

He can also attach files like an overview of what his business offers which can entice customers. This will eventually build trust and credibility among them without a doubt. Messages can be sent from Vtiger List View or Summary View of various modules.

Viewing messages with Vtiger Wablas integration

Once WhatsApp messages are sent, they will be recorded in the Vtiger WhatsApp module or other modules where the WhatsApp feature is available. It will show the status as Delivered, Read, Undelivered, etc., on the CRM screen. It can help him in storing and accessing these records at the time of need.

So, what kind of benefits can Jack receive in sowing the seeds of success for his business from Vtiger Wablas integration? He can:

  • Rely on text-based communication more to convert sales, solve queries, etc., and limit the number of making calls.
  • Access WhatsApp feature from different locations like Vtiger WhatsApp module, and other modules as well. He can send messages from anywhere at his convenience.
  • Carry out WhatsApp marketing campaigns effectively by reaching out to more customers at once. He can eliminate drafting content for each and every customer using pre-built templates; link images or photos to make it look appealing; attach files, etc., in a simple and easy manner.
  • Make informed decisions from the status like delivered, not delivered, read, etc., and gain valuable insights.
  • Record sent messages in a secure location without the fear of losing them.

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If you want to gain a hands-on experience with Vtiger Wablas, take a test ride as soon as possible.

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