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Run Holiday Campaigns Smartly with Vtiger Email Templates

Holiday seasons play a crucial role in driving sales revenue. It is an excellent time for businesses to promote their brand and sell their products as much as possible with various offers and discounts. And, for customers, it is a great chance to grab their favorite products at reasonable prices.

According to Statista, in both 2021 and 2022, about 57 percent of U.S. consumers intended to shop online during the holiday season. In the present time, the preferred method of buying is via digital mediums because it is more convenient and flexible.

But wait…

Do you think marketing or promoting a brand is a cakewalk? Absolutely not.

It takes a lot of planning and plotting to take your product or services to your target audience. And, one of the best strategies is to conduct email campaigns during festivals or holiday time. The reason behind conducting email marketing is that it provides a sense of professionalism which helps in building trust and brand loyalty in the blink of an eye.

So, what kind of discount can be provided to your customers? Let us discover that below:

Holiday offers to grab eyeballs

Let’s say your team is doing multiple rounds of discussion in formulating a strategy to provide eye-catchy deals and offers.

What are the different kinds of offers you can provide to grab consumer attention, boost brand awareness and increase sales? They are

Coupons: You can attach coupons while drafting emails and offer discounts. Customers can download it by providing their information which can be used to create an email marketing list. The list can be further used for customer segmentation, targeted marketing, etc.

Percentage discount: Customers will always have that buying tendency when they see 40% or 50% discounts on their favorite products. You can provide such offers with validity to create urgency.

Free delivery: You can cut down the shipping costs and only include the cost of the product.

Now, all this offer-related information has to be passed over to your customers. How is it possible?

As it is mentioned in the beginning, we can run email campaigns to announce offers with a compelling subject line, precise content, and an enticing Call To Action (CTA) in the end.

If you are a CRM user, you can generate a marketing list, segment customers based on their behavior, conduct A/B testing, etc., and send automated emails in bulk using the email campaigns module.

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It also allows you to draft impressive content using email templates. You have the option to create your own template or download it from the template library.

As we are discussing templates, let me bring to your notice that Vtiger also owns one. Let us explore how Vtiger Email Templates functions to make you efficient at work.

Make a statement with Vtiger Email Templates

The purpose of email templates is to enhance email campaigns by bringing structure and uniformity to the content. Using Vtiger Email Templates you can:

Create a template

You can build templates from scratch using Email Templates. If you don’t have sufficient time you can download theme-based templates and draft the content or use ready-made templates with content from My Templates section.

If you could not find anything that suits your business requirements in the template repository, you can generate templates on your own. You can either use blueprints that will give you an idea of how your content will appear or use HTML coding to generate a brand-new template.

Use a template

Once the template is ready you can go to the Vtiger Inbox module or any other related modules to draft content with the newly designed template.

For example, if you are planning to send Thanksgiving offers to your customers, you can select your template from the Compose Email section which is available in multiple locations.

Edit a template

Vtiger Email Templates also allow you to make necessary changes and provide a different look and feel. You can use different elements like the CTA button using drag and drop editor, change the structure or style, use merge tags, etc.

Duplicate and Delete templates

Now if you want to repurpose the existing template to send New year greetings to the same bunch of customers, you can reuse your template by duplicating it. You can make required changes like changing the subject line, description, etc. But the overall look remains the same. And finally, once the holiday season is over, you can remove the template by deleting it.

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By now, you must have understood the highlights of Vtiger Email Templates. Next, let us explore what you can gain from it.

The top 4 benefits of using Vtiger Email Templates to create holiday offers are as follows. You can:

  1. Create and customize your templates that align with different occasions like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, etc.
  2. Run compelling campaigns by crafting content that is a treat for the eyes and generate consumer interest.
  3. Target more sales conversion if you beautify your emails with different themes, layouts, and backgrounds instead of plain and simple text.
  4. Draft emails from multiple modules like Inbox, Email Campaigns, Contacts modules, etc., which saves your valuable time.

Still don’t believe it?

Take advantage of Vtiger Email Templates now and seize the opportunity to run effective holiday campaigns during this season.

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