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vtiger CRM Outlook Plug-in 2.0 Beta version released

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vtiger CRM Outlook Plug-in helps synchronize Email, Contacts, and Calendar data in Outlook with vtiger CRM. Over the years, we have made some minor updates to the original version of the plug-in which was contributed by the open source community. In the past year, we have gone back to the drawing board and rewrote the Version 2.0 from scratch on the .Net framework (original plug-in was developed in VB). With better performance, UI and stability, the new plug-in will offer a much better experience for the users. Beyond these benefits, we have also added new features to the plug-in.

Feature Enhancements :

  • Emails can be attached to Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Vendors
  • Search records based on any information not just emails
  • Support to upload larger attachment
  • Synchronize only Contacts in your folder.This way your private Contacts/Events/Tasks will not be synchronized.
  • Auto login feature when user opens Outlook
  • Multiple language support.
  • Plug-in now respects logged in user’s profile and applies appropriate security settings.

Beta Release:
We will be releasing the final version of the plug-in with vtiger CRM 5.3 version (expected in August timeframe). The Beta release is now available for testing purpose only

Quick getting started guide:

To test the plug-in with vtiger CRM 5.2.1 version, kindly download and install the Outlook plug-in 2.0 Server side patch. Detail Documentation on how to setup this version of outlook plug-in is available here [link removed]. Server side changes only compatible with vtiger CRM 5.2.1.

  • Download and extract the patch in your vtiger root directory.
  • Run the VtigerCrmOutlookChanges.php file
  • Download and install the Outlook plug-in

You are now ready to test the new Outlook plug-in.
Note :

  • We request users to not apply the patch on the Production Server,since the vtiger CRM not be able to handle the migration to the future versions

 Roadmap :

In 4-6 weeks time we will release vtiger CRM 5.3 RC.From which migration to the future release will be supported,if you want to  use it on Production Server we request you to wait for vtiger CRM 5.3 RC.

Download links:

vitger CRM Outlook plugin 2.0 Beta – 32 bit

vitger CRM Outlook plugin 2.0 Beta – 64bit

Server side patch for 5.2.1 versions

Documentation:For additional details please refer to the \Outlook Plugin 2.0 Documentation [link removed] page on the wiki.