Vtiger recognized as a Leader in G2 Crowd Grid® for All-in-one CRM

We are proud to announce that G2 Crowd, a trusted review site for business technology, has named Vtiger a leader in the All-In-One CRM category. In its latest Mid-Market Grid® Report for All-in-one CRM, G2 Crowd ranked top 10 All-In-One CRMs based on the reviews received from users as well as aggregated online data. And Vtiger topped the list, with 92% of the reviewers rating our CRM 4 or 5 stars.

The Grid® is divided into four broad categories – Niche, Contenders, High Performers, and Leaders – across the two axes: Market Presence and Customer Satisfaction. The Grid® represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst.

The analysis of hundreds of reviews by verified customers revealed that Vtiger received high level of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings to secure the Leader position. 92% of the reviewers believe that Vtiger is headed in the right direction and 87% of the reviewers would recommend Vtiger to their peers.

This recognition is particularly valuable as it’s based on direct feedback from our customers. Most of our reviewers like Vtiger’s ease of use, customizability, scalability, wide range of powerful features and efficient customer support.

I have been using Vtiger for 3 years. I love how easy it is to create templates for marketing and quotes. The report generator is very flexible. I can get daily/weekly/monthly reports on existing opportunities and where they are in the sales funnel. This product does everything we need it to do!

– Brad V Read more

Things I like the most in Vtiger CRM:

  • fabulous UI, better for intuitive visualization
  • best support team
  • community good enough to provide you the best solution
  • customization features for integration of other modules

– Simon D Read more

Multi channel help desk is one of the most helpful features for me in Vtiger CRM. Customized email and notification service provided by it is very good compared to other tools. These all cannot be that good without awesome UI Vtiger has.

– Siya R. Read more

The ease of importing data within the system and also exporting to other places is noteworthy.

– Chad S. Read more

I like the way Vtiger provides the customization options in various utilities such as add, remove, or create our own fields, as well as making my personalized templates. Vtiger has the best approach to sharing the customer information among the authorized partner organization. Provides a lot of control in our hand, gives me true power to manage the process by my own. adaptability is high; as no deep knowledge is required here to use this tool, documentation is quite helpful here to quickly start using the tool.

– Jacob D. Read more

Further, our reviewers shared the benefits and problems Vtiger helped them solve:

We have solved how we manage, track and follow up with leads and opportunities which prior to us having vTiger was a huge struggle for us. The powerful reminders, task feature and ability to add custom fields and workflows has allowed us to better stay on top of the leads and opportunities we have and for us to be more informed on what needs to be done. It has also helped with intra company communication regarding all of the above and to be able to see everything in one place.

– Craig F Read more

This is by far the most important tool and has saved me hours upon hours of excel / sheet reporting, with considerably more accurate information. Information is accurately shared across several departments, which has saved us a lot of time across all the departments.

– Douglas W. Read More

Staying on top of incoming leads by being reminded to make follow up calls. Better control over our inventory management by tracking current levels. Better sales force management by seeing what everyone is doing via the dashboard.

– Brad V Read more

Mobile App of Vtiger has enabled our salesperson to update the information on the spot.

– Durgaprasad G Read more

The key objective we had was to ensure that our CRM solution was at the centre of the marketing and sales functions and supports our downstream uses of the data (i.e. order fulfilment, finance and reporting), replacing any other systems or repositories in order to provide real time management information. Having a single system to capture all Customer related information meant we could achieve better visibility of all our processes through the entire quote to bill life cycle, ensuring we could maximise our customer engagement and provide a better quality of service). Vtiger All-In-One CRM has allowed us to achieve this and we can leverage its available features to improve our operations on an ongoing basis.

– Tom A Read more

After reading through all the reviews, we got deeper insights into the areas of improvement our customers expect from us. Based on these suggestions, our product, technology, sales, support, and marketing teams will continue to strive harder to deliver the best experience to our customers.

A few issues we’d like to address here include:

  1. Better marketing tools and features: We are constantly enhancing Vtiger’s features to empower marketing teams to capture and centralize contacts, launch bulk, drip, and autoresponder emails, track engagements across email and social channels, and monitor performance. Sign-up here to get notified on the launch date.
  2. Flexible pricing: Most CRM solutions in the market are available only in a one-size-fits-all-users model. This means your sales manager who needs access to all CRM features pays just as much as your sales agent who never have access to sales insights, forecast, or any other feature intended for higher level users. To solve this discrepancy, Vtiger provides Mixed Pricing, allowing you to pay only for the features each of your CRM users needs. Contact us to learn more about our pricing plans.
  3. Introduce AI and ML features: Our roadmap includes AI based features that help improve sales productivity and pipeline management. We will be releasing some exciting features.

Again, we’d like to thank our customers for taking time out to review Vtiger. This recognition motivates us to follow our vision of developing a single, unified product that breaks silos between Marketing, Sales, & Support teams and offers One View of your customer. Ultimately, enabling your team to craft the best customer experience.

Sign-up for a free trial now to unlock a similar success our customers have shared in their reviews.
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