5 email productivity hacks to conquer your inbox with Vtiger

Emails remain as one of the most popular communication tools in the workplace. According to Adobe Digital Insights’ 2016 survey, employees spend more than 4 hours every day sending or receiving over 110 emails! That’s a lot of productive time sunk into emails, and if you don’t manage your inbox efficiently, you can quickly get overwhelmed, stressed out and worse, miss important deals or tasks.

To help you and your team stay productive while working with emails, we have built Inbox right into Vtiger. Vtiger’s Inbox is designed to help you get rid of email clutter so that you stay focused on talking to customers and winning more deals.

Use these five email productivity hacks to turn yourself into a productivity powerhouse:

  1. Organize emails: Create dedicated inboxes to organizes emails going to shared email addresses such as contact@yourcompa or Your team members can claim ownership for individual messages with assignments – giving you the complete visibility into who is working on what.

  2. Mark email as done: When a conversation closes, mark the email as done to ensure that you focus only on open conversations.

  3. Mark_done_inbox
  4. Set reminders: Snooze emails to never miss on important deadlines. The snoozed emails pop at the top of the Vtiger inbox to remind what task you need to complete every time you open Inbox.

  5. Auto-create records in Vtiger: For emails from a new sender, Vtiger automatically creates a contact record in the CRM and attaches the conversation with any extra comments.

  6. Collaborate with ease: Vtiger’s inbox brings transparency and visibility to your team. Use @mentions in the comments section to tag a colleague and help resolve the issue at hand or coordinate next steps with ease. These internal comments ensure your team is up to date and well informed.


Set up your inbox in Vtiger today to take control of your emails. Interested in seeing what Vtiger’s Inbox can do for you and your team? Send us an email at

What productivity hacks do you use to stay on top of your emails? Please post your comments below.


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