5.0.3 release around First Week of April …

We had a team-meeting today and we have decided to wipe the trac clean with the issues that we have as of now by the end of this week. We will go for another round of validation spanning the entire next week. Then, we will take up the bug fixes based on the priority of the issue. We will see how the cat jumps from then on. You can assume that we are looking at releasing vtiger somewhere near the First Week of April or so. So those who are making plans to move/migrate their businesses based on vtiger planning, target using vtiger from 2nd week of April or so. Please note that while posting bugs, do be very specific if you are asking for a feature or for a fix. A fix is a bug-fix and a feature is something that is an add-on to what something already works like. So, please be very specific in what you state and how you categorize. No doubt we will review what you post but still it is far better that you categorize the same yourself well. We are working on providing a solid and bug-less product. The features can wait or you can pay us for getting them done separately or specifically for you. Let us not club all these together in the 5.0.3 release itself.


My actual name is Ravindra Nath Shiva Shankar, am 29yrs old and love working on Open Source, recently married. I dream of making vtiger the default Open Source CRM solution. vtiger has to be so good that it propels a seachange towards -' Open Source is buggy' mentality. I have been with vtiger right from its inception. I have designed vtiger, implemented it and have started selling it too. Right now the focus is on Business Development and Leadership for vtiger. I was working on Network Management Solutions prior to working with vtiger. I will be sharing the inside-story of vtiger and my life. You can contact me at richie at vtiger dot com/indigoleopard at yahoo dot com. I am responsible for what I do. Things change so we must have the wisdom to accept change and move along with it instead of being stubborn.
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Christer Bengtsson
Christer Bengtsson

vtiger team,

You have a great product!

With the responsible position you have taken in making sure that the release of 5.0.3 is a success, I am confident that vtiger will take-off and be recognized as a fantastic product.

My company is using vtiger extensively already (albeit a subset of the features). With the stability that 5.0.3 promises, I can’t wait starting to use more of the features already implemented and can envision all the new cool stuff that potentially will become available from vtiger and other developers.

Salesforce.com and SugarCRM have so far gotten the brunt, if not all of press — however, when it becomes clear that there is stable and professional alternative, with more features, without cost, and with clear open source licensing — the tides will turn and I predict there will be huge success for vtiger and the vtiger team.

Anyhow, people might be wondering about my unsolicited positive outburst — I guess it is just my way of showing appreciation of the product and your efforts!

Keep up the good work!

Best regards

Christer Bengtsson
VP Sales & Marketing
Acumem AB

PS! Yes — I have purchased support.


Courageous decision !
Be sure that half a month is not much to wait, as we will use it for monthes as it will be.

Happy to know that we can pay for new features, should we use the “bounty” forum for that (for large dev) ?
What about your prices (on a daily base, for example) ?


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