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AI-generated Content: Pros and Cons

With ChatGPT gaining popularity, there have been constant debates about whether or not AI-generated content would serve the purpose. Not just ChatGPT, many tools are available to churn content in minutes. First, let us ask ourselves a few questions.

  • Are AI-powered content generation tools worth your time?
  • What are the pros and cons of using AI for content creation?
  • How to best use AI to fulfill your business requirements?

We will answer these questions so that you can leverage AI to boost your business operations. Before jumping into it, let us start with the basics.

What is AI-generated content?

In simple terms, it means content generated using keywords or phrases with the help of different tools or software. From a business perspective, it can primarily help in creating marketing content. Content such as blogs, e-books, articles, product descriptions, etc., can be produced quickly at a reduced cost. In this way, you can increase your marketing efforts at a fast pace.

But does it make sense to rely entirely on AI tools and forget the human touch?

Absolutely not. AI-enabled tools can only be used to speed up the writing process. Marketers should take care of the editing part and fit the content to the desired requirement.

For example, if you want to write a professional email to your client, you can generate the body of content using an AI tool. But, you will have to tweak it by adding a salutation, brand logo, or tagline if required to make it unique and personal.

How AI generates content?

AI uses different algorithms to gather data from different sources, such as websites, articles, blogs, etc., using Natural Language Processing (NLP) method. It presents pre-existing information available from different sources and modifies the text as per the user’s input. It also analyzes and interprets the data to provide high-quality and valuable content.

Just like they say, every coin has two sides; AI-generated text also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us explore that below:


AI-generated content can:

Boost efficiency: Writing is a tricky and time-consuming process when done by humans. Researching, creating an outline, etc., eats up a whole lot of time, but with the help of AI, you will be able to churn content in vast quantities for your sales funnel. This will help in boosting your team’s productivity.

Minimize costs: When you have AI as a personal assistant, you can cut down on hiring content writers for your organizations and reduce cross-team dependency. You will be able to spend that money on other important activities.

Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When it crawls through different websites and sources, AI chooses keywords to enhance SEO. When these keywords are used in the text, they rank higher in search results.


The downside of using AI includes:

Lack of imagination: AI lacks creating new ideas and imagination power. It doesn’t have the ability to generate personalized content for your targeted audience. AI only relies on existing web content and doesn’t understand human behavior and intent. Sometimes, the content produced can be repetitive and may lack originality and authenticity.

Increased dependency on algorithms: To generate SEO-friendly content, the dependency on algorithms is more by AI. Since it fails to understand a subject’s tone, depth, and context, there will be over-reliance on algorithms like stuffing the text with keywords which can backfire at times.

Editing or proofreading: AI only provides you with the text, but the final check has to be done manually for increased accuracy. It might help in creating content in bulk but fails at ensuring quality.

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You cannot trust AI-content generator tools blindly. There has to be the right intervention of human beings and AI to make the brand-new method of drafting content a huge success.

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