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Announcing Vtiger’s New Module Builder: Build New Modules, Capture New Data, and Generate New Insights

Any information that a business captures around its leads and customers should be a part of the 360-degree view available to sales, marketing, and management. In commitment to that belief, we’re pleased to announce Vtiger’s new Module Builder.

The module builder was built with a single purpose in mind – to enable businesses to store and use more types of information than the standard contacts, deals, and campaigns. This goes above Vtiger’s already present ability to add new fields to existing records, by allowing for the creation of whole new modules and records to capture and organize new information.

Build a Module in under 3 Minutes

The module creator does exactly as its name suggests. With just a few inputs like a module a name, list of desired fields, and list of relationships to other modules, it creates a brand new module with the same functions and capabilities of any other module in Vtiger.

Use It Like Any Other Module

Because it’s like any other module you can add, modify, or delete records like you would a contact record. Records in the new module can also be searched, filtered, and even reported on, and If a record is associated with another record like a contact or a project, you can find a link to it directly from the associated contact or project record, or vice versa.

Generate New Insights

As data start to collect in the new module, analyze it with reports, and use it to make better business decisions. A property management firm, for example, can use the module builder to store properties separately from clients, and reports to see changes in average rental prices, hottest growth areas for rental properties, and much more that was previously impossible if just fields were added to a contact record.

In Action: Property Management with Vtiger

A property management firm manages one or more properties on behalf of each of its clients. In addition to storing client information in Vtiger, the firm also wants to store its clients’ properties. Using the module builder, the firm adds a new “Properties” module. Each property is then stored as a separate record with its address, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, and rental status recorded in separate fields. Because each property is associated with a client, whenever one of the firm’s associates is engaged with a client, he or she can quickly pull up the client’s properties, their rental status, and any other information. The firm can later generate reports to evaluate property vacancies and other operational information.

The module builder transforms Vtiger from a tool that captures a business’s usual lead, contact, and deal information, to one that captures and leverages any data that a business uses as a part of its operations, enabling a host of new possibilities. If you’d like to see the module builder in action, start a free Vtiger trial, or to see a demo, send us an email at [email protected].