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Brand Awareness: Definition and Why it is Important

Welcome to our new blog series, A Quick Guide to Brand Awareness!

In this blog series, we will be sharing some tips and tricks for building a strong brand identity, increasing visibility, and connecting with your audience.

Let’s begin the blog by understanding the meaning of brand awareness and why it is important to businesses

  1. Are you someone who Google it to find out the meaning of some words?
  2. How many Xerox copies you take per day?
  3. Do you Band-Aid when you get a wound?

You must have come across these terms Google, Xerox, and Band-Aid in your everyday life. And, this is how most of us have been using them in our day-to-day conversations. 

So, do you know, these are some of the well-known brands which have almost become synonymous with the product? 

These terms have become verbs because of their great brand awareness strategy. Not familiar with brand awareness? Let’s break it down below.

In order to know what brand awareness is, you need to understand some brand-related terms:

Brand: A brand is a company or a product that distinguishes itself from other competitors in the market. It can include a logo, symbol, color, design, or anything that differentiates a product or service from others.

Branding: Branding is how you shape customers’ perceptions of your brand. It is about how you take action as business owners in building a unique perception. It involves creating a unique name, logo, messaging, etc., that communicates your brand’s personality.

Brand Identity: It is the visual elements that help your customers in identifying your brand. It includes standard colors, graphic and textual elements, and more. It reflects how your brand is positioned in the market and creates consistency across all touchpoints.

Logo: A logo is a symbol, design, shape, or text that is used to identify a brand or an organization. It is used to convey your message in a way that helps in developing an emotional connection with your audience. A logo is also used to build a brand identity.

Brand Awareness

To put it in a simple way, brand awareness is the level of familiarity that customers have with your brand. And, everything that is mentioned above is related and essential to brand awareness.

Building brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that helps you in developing a preference for your brand. When you say brand awareness, it doesn’t only point toward recalling a brand name. It can denote remembering a logo, color, tagline, feature, etc. The goal is to get the brand in front of as many people as possible and increase the chances of your customers getting aware of your product. 

The importance of brand awareness

Brand awareness is crucial to acquire customers. It is significant to have an impact on your customer’s behavior and ultimately determine the company’s success. 

Brand awareness is important because:

It fosters trust and loyalty: Brand awareness helps to keep your brand on top of mind of your customers. When they know your brand, they will get familiar and comfortable with your product which in turn creates a sense of trust and credibility.

It helps you stand out from the crowd: A strong brand with a powerful logo, tagline, or design can help you differentiate from your competitors.

It builds brand equity: Brand equity refers to the value you add to a product or service. Brand equity is calculated based on customers’ overall experience with the brand which includes both positive and negative experiences. When the brand is highly regarded, it becomes a household name and improves customer buying preference over similar brands.

It drives sales: When more customers are aware of your brand, you will see a sharp rise in sales which helps you in building profitable relationships.

Now, that you have got a brief idea about brand awareness. Let’s understand the difference between brand awareness and brand recognition in the next blog.

—————————–to be continued