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Drive Conversions with Vtiger Google Lead Forms

Lead generation is an integral part of a business. With an effective lead generation strategy, you can add more customers and create a better Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

As per the Ruler Analytics reports, web forms continue to secure leads and contact information on prospective buyers. The report also displays a graph that makes a comparison between the traditional method of calls versus forms to reach out to potential customers. As it is displayed, the usage of web forms is leading in every industry as opposed to making calls.

And, that is the reason why most organizations prefer using forms to generate leads. Now, when it comes to lead generation, Google Lead Forms are trending and icing on the cake is there is an option to integrate with your CRM.

Let us learn about Google Lead Forms and its integration with Vtiger CRM.

What is Google Lead Forms

Google Lead Forms help you in capturing information about leads or potential customers directly from the search ads. You can create and attach these forms while running ad campaigns and customers can easily provide their information without visiting your website. Details can include name, phone number, email id, etc.

These forms are highly customizable and can be tweaked as per your business requirement. Apart from basic information, you can add as many questions as you want to in the forms for the customers to fill in. You can make these forms available on different Google platforms like Google Search, YouTube, etc., and generate leads in high volumes. This allows you to reach a wider set of audience in a limited time.

Now, let us explore the features and benefits of Google Lead Forms integration with Vtiger.

Google Lead Forms integration in Vtiger CRM

Gone are the days when you would hand over a form to your customers at an exhibition, tradeshow, or other events and gather information from them. These digital forms have made our lives easier in getting information quickly from multiple sources.

Google Lead Forms integration with Vtiger CRM allows you to import generated lead data directly into your CRM. There are two main steps involved before you start creating a lead form:

  • First, you should install the Google Leads extension from Vtiger Add-ons.
  • Second, you should add Google Lead Forms extension to Vtiger CRM by logging into your Google Ads account.

Once you complete these actions, you can start creating lead forms by adding specific questions that match your business requirements.

Let us understand the important points while syncing Google Lead Forms with Vtiger CRM:

1. Creating Google Lead Forms

You can add questions under different sections while creating your lead form. These sections will help you gather more details about your leads. You should add:

  • Headline, business name, and a small description about your business.
  • Contact Information like Name, Phone Number, and Email Id.
  • Information like Company Name, Work Email, and Job Title.
  • A form submission message once your customers submit the form like Thank You or We’ll contact you soon, etc.
  • A call to action in the end like Learn More and a call to action description.
  • Webhook URL details that will help you in integrating with Vtiger CRM.

In the end, you can preview your lead form, Submission Message, and the Ad for different Google platforms. This gives you an idea of how it appears for your customers and you can make necessary changes if needed.

2. Integrating Google Lead Forms with Vtiger CRM

Webhook URL is a significant part for syncing Google Lead Forms with Vtiger. You need to copy your webhook URL from Vtiger and paste it into Google Ads. It allows the CRM to capture information when users search for your products.

3. Preventing online attacks with Google Key

Just like Webhook URL, you should also copy Google Key from Vtiger and paste it into Google Ads section. It prevents cyber-attacks and provides a two-way verification.

4. Mapping form details to CRM fields

Using Field Mapping in Vtiger, you can map information from Google Forms to different CRM fields. You can only map customer information to the Contacts and Leads module in Vtiger.

For example, if a customer enters a phone number in the form, CRM will automatically capture it and add details in the phone number field of Vtiger. This ensures that data is directly imported into the Lead or Contact records in the CRM. You can also edit or delete the fields as per your choice.

5. Verifying data added to the CRM

You can verify if lead data is added to the CRM by searching for Google Leads in the Vtiger Contacts or Leads module. When you click on a record, the source will appear as Google Leads.

Finally, Vtiger also provides you with the option to disable the Google Leads integration.

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Benefits of Google Lead Forms integration

By now, you must have got an overview of Google Lead Forms integration with Vtiger CRM. Now, let us look at the top 5 benefits that may motivate you to quickly implement it for your business:

Centralized customer data: Vtiger Google Lead Forms integration helps you import lead information into the CRM. It helps you:

  • Create a centralized customer base that is accessible to every team member.
  • Generate voluminous leads.
  • Record your lead information in a secure location like CRM without the fear of losing them.

Increased engagement: When you attach lead forms on multiple platforms, you will be able to engage and attract more people who are interested in your business. And, you can track from which platform like YouTube, Google Search, etc., you are able to generate more leads.

Improved sales conversions: Your sales rep will be able to contact more customers instantly with the information available which can drive conversions in great numbers.

Highly customizable: With the ability to customize your forms that meet your business requirements, you can curate different types of questions which will help you in understanding your target audience. Sales reps can reach out to your customers accordingly by looking at the information given.

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