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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

Has your organization taken expertise in delivering excellent customer experience?


Are you new to the term customer experience? If you are, then let us understand it from the very beginning. To make it clear, let us look at the example below.

Ryan bought a new laptop and was facing difficulty in setting it up. The step-by-step instruction given in the user manual had some errors and was not accurate. When he tried calling the support team, it was not reachable and as a final attempt, he sent an email explaining his query. But, he didn’t get a revert from them.

Ryan was so irate that he decided to give bad reviews on all the social media platforms. And, the moment he posted it, the team reached out to him and addressed his issue immediately.

What do you think this laptop provider lacked the most? And, what is the best possible solution to resolve this issue?

If you are an entrepreneur or a novice in the world of business, it is highly important to consider customer experience for the sustained growth of your brand.

Defining customer experience

In simple terms, customer experience or CX refers to the kind of experience customers receive from your brand throughout the buyer’s journey.

It could be anything from visiting the website to interacting with your customer support team. Customers should feel like visiting your brand again and again from the kind of impact you make on them. According to Forbes, 74% of consumers said they are likely to buy based on experience alone.

In Ryan’s case, the laptop company failed to provide a superior customer experience by providing wrong information in the user guide, not attending calls on time, etc., due to mismanagement within the company. This made him furious which led him to take a drastic step of tarnishing the image of the brand on digital platforms.

Now, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) shaping the face of organizations, implementing AI to track customer experience could be a viable option. Let us learn about it in detail below.

The top 4 ways AI is transforming customer experience

AI can be used to identify your customer’s specific needs and requirements. And, you will be able to cater exceptional customer experience and improve customer loyalty and retention. It also aids in boosting brand advocacy in the first place.

All the activities executed by AI are backed by user data and not based on any intuition. Hence, organizations can rely on AI to produce various insights and make smart decisions.

The use of AI in organizations can assist you in:

Improving personalization

With the help of technology, you can customize your products and services for each of your customers and attract them towards your brand. AI can assess customer behavior from previous purchases or browsing history.

For example, you browse for some products on any e-commerce platform and leave it in the middle without purchasing it. Next time, it reminds you to add the product to your cart and make a purchase by sending notifications. Or else, if you have bought the product, it shows you similar products that you may like to buy it in the future. All these are the magic of AI which uses its algorithms to streamline personalization.

Reducing human intervention for different tasks

AI has enabled organizations to automate repetitive business activities. For example, chatbots powered by AI can be used for support activities. You can solve queries in real time and avoid delays or errors in customer service. This way you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and engage them in meaningful conversations.

Understanding customer sentiments

AI can gauge human emotions from voice modulations. It can measure if the customer is satisfied with the product or not from phone calls or video conversations. This can be used to determine consumer satisfaction level and bring required changes if needed.

Generating actionable insights

AI can be integrated into a CRM and you will be able to generate reports on business activities. You can generate reports on anything like marketing trends, customer behavior, etc., which can be used to take informed decisions. With the reports in hand, you will be able to identify gaps in your service and make strategic plans to take your business to a higher level.

How Vtiger CRM is delivering customer experience

Vtiger CRM has not shied away from placing customers at the forefront. For a unique experience, Vtiger has introduced its in-house AI-enabled tool called Calculus. It enables you in tracking the quality of calls, send automated email replies, schedule best time to contact, and rate customer calls. With this you will be able to understand your customers more closely without a doubt.

Developed as part of the Calculus AI add-on, we bring you Vtiger Chatbot, which responds to customers using AI, NLP, and machine learning. From websites to social media platforms, it instantly addresses the common enquiries of customers by matching with the business knowledge base. The help desk agents can spend more time on high-priority tasks and elevate business productivity as the custom chatbot quickly provides personalized responses. Visit the blog on Vtiger Chatbot for an in-depth understanding. 

Explore more about Vtiger Calculus AI.