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Power 2023 with the feature-rich Vtiger CRM & see your productivity soar

Hi there, welcome to a brand new year!

Let us begin by saying a big thank you for your continued faith in Vtiger CRM. We are mighty happy at the prospect of continuing this fruitful relationship! We are also eager to see what challenges you will give us, for they bring out the best in our CRM.

We at Vtiger CRM are excited about 2023. We look forward to building new relationships and cementing old ones.

If you are still not a part of the Vtiger family, it is time to join us. Read on to find out why.

For many teams, a new year can also bring anxiety. It means reviewing incomplete business goals and setting new ones. One way to ensure you achieve these goals is to use the correct technology and tools. They aid your teams in becoming efficient and boost productivity.

But many small and medium businesses are often hesitant to adopt new technologies. They continue with outdated applications because they have become comfortable using them – even with the hurdles and hiccups they face. Technology adoption can also be seen as a deterrent because of the costs involved and the time it takes to train people.

So, how is this connected to 2023? Well, let us ask you a few questions.

Vtiger CRM - Welcome to 2023_Questions

If most of your answers were a ‘yes’, you need to relook at the tools you use. And the final question – Do your teams (across the organization) have access to the latest and same customer information?

These are not just questions. They are hurdles in the way of achieving your objectives and your ROI! This is where a technology like a CRM comes into play.

So why do you need a CRM?

Because of the following proven statistics!

  • 74% of businesses say CRM software improved customer data access. 1
  • 92% of research participants said CRM and the data in it were important for – achieving revenue objectives. 2

Today, CRMs don’t just act like record keepers. They are advanced applications that help you maintain in-depth contact records, aid your sales teams with more closures, create successful marketing campaigns, and build strong customer support teams.

Then they go beyond this. They save everything about a customer – from interactions to historical data, which helps you improve customer engagement and build great customer relationships at all levels.

If you are new to CRM, click here.

Let us elaborate on how a feature-rich CRM like Vtiger can help your business.

Consider these points.

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Centralized data across the organization

Teams often work in xylos and might use different tools to store data. The result? Data becomes fragmented. For your teams to collaborate and succeed in their tasks, they need to have access to the latest and same customer data.

Vtiger CRM’s robust contact management system helps you store, manage, and share customer data. It gives precise data to your marketing, sales, and support teams with less room for error and duplication. It increases their potential to engage, make intelligent decisions, and build great customer experiences.

Unified data (360-degree view of a customer)

Vtiger’s One View feature captures customer data from multiple apps and helps you manage this data from the CRM. It provides a 360-degree view of a customer from different modules and helps your team collaborate better.

You can understand your customer’s pain points, discover requirements, and look into historical records to create better conversations. With One View, your teams are guaranteed to deliver a top-notch customer experience with real-time actions and behavior insights.

CRM for multiple verticals

If you were to plot a customer’s journey from lead to repeat business, then our CRM will be there with you every step of the way.

From lead generation to campaigns, from contact management to deal management to customer support, the CRM supports every activity possible. You can manage projects, generate reports, and even create training programs.

Vtiger CRM caters to many verticals and can easily be customized for your business. Our latest is an add-on for the construction industry.

Integration with multiple apps

It should not be a concern if you are already using multiple apps in your business and wondering how to fit in a CRM as well

Vtiger CRM integrates with hundreds of apps. You can move your data into the CRM and handle all operations from the CRM screens. This eliminates data duplication and helps you to avoid switching between apps for data reference. Vtiger CRM integrates with accounting apps, conversational apps, social media platforms, and many more.

Better still, with our low-code platform, VTAP, you can build your own integrations.

Multiple conversational tools

Why limit your customer journey to just transactions? Leverage our touchpoints tools to personalize your conversations and keep track of interactions.

Vtiger CRM integrates with phone, SMS, and chat service providers like Plivo, Clickatell, and WhatsApp. You can also use our Social module to manage different social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., all from a single dashboard in the CRM.

How does this help you? Well, you can manage all your conversations (it doesn’t matter what channel it is) from different modules directly from the CRM! Imagine the ease with which you will be able to monitor conversations and interact with your audience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram simultaneously!

Besides, the CRM creates records for each conversation and links them to a customer and associated deals, quotes, and cases. You can also create lead records from these interactions. Fused with our One View, you have the latest updated information at your fingertips across the organization, from marketing to sales to customer support!

Artificial Intelligence

If you want to score more deals, generate actional insights, and analyze conversations of customer-facing teams for quality, then Calculus AI is Vtiger’s answer.

Work smarter with our artificial intelligence feature, Calculus AI. It analyses conversations for quality and recommends the next-best actions you can take.
Calculus AI provides actionable insights through specialized dashboards. Analytics like these help you coach and train your customer-facing teams to perform better and meet their targets.

Vtiger Learning Management System

Companies that invest in their employees through learning and training programs actually see an increase in productivity and retention.

Vtiger’s Learning Management System (LMS) centralizes training by helping you create a repository of learning material. You can manage your learning material, create courses as required, and track student progress. You can create robust training programs that aid you in onboarding new hires and upskilling or reskilling employees at lower costs.

The features we have mentioned are only a fraction of what the CRM includes.

Are you still thinking about why you should use Vtiger CRM in 2023?

These past two years have been a trial for many businesses because of COVID. And the ordeal does not seem to be over. Then there is the looming recession the world is talking about. You need all the help you can get to run your business smoothly – the latest tools and technology.

Today the world is becoming largely data-driven. You need a CRM like Vtiger’s that manages in-depth customer data and generates robust, actionable insights. And we understand if you don’t want to give up your existing tools just yet. Vtiger CRM allows you to integrate your existing tools and increase efficiency and productivity.

Think how Vtiger CRM can help you engage with your customer at every step of the customer lifecycle.

Vtiger CRM has something for everyone

The Vtiger family is more than 300,000 strong. We cater to everyone – from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

Vtiger CRM comes in both cloud (Pilot, Professional, and Enterprise editions) and open-source versions. And we want to give you the freedom to choose your features instead of pigeonholing your needs.

Build a custom CRM with Vtiger

Build your own CRM to suit your needs. Yes, you heard us right.
We don’t just expect you to use the CRM but also encourage you to build new features. With our low code platform VTAP, you can expand your CRM’s functionality to suit your business.

And a feature like the Process Designer can lead the way by defining your processes.

So we have put the choice in your hands – an A La Carte menu of features in the form of Add-ons and Booster Packs. These are additional features and feature limits that you can add based on your needs. With this flexibility comes a cost advantage too.

Vtiger CRM - Welcome to 2023_Gif box

Why go for a higher edition when you can add features at a fraction of the cost? Why pay for a full pizza when all you want is a slice, right? We agree – sometimes you just want a slice or two!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up for our trial version and discover what Vtiger CRM can do for your business.

By the way, we have Holiday offers on all our editions.

Here is your chance to be business ready for 2023!



1: CRM adoption statistics for 2023

2: Validity’s The State of CRM Data Management 2020 Report