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Leverage LMS to Upgrade Marketing Skills

Marketing in today’s time requires a whole range of skills which include copywriting, analytics, content creation, etc., but not all employees in your organization will have the necessary skills to carry out marketing activities. If everyone has taken expertise in their specific departments, you will be able to come up with a solid marketing strategy that leads to an increase in sales and eventually to growth in business.

The Global Industry Analysts (GIA), a marketing research company published a report titled Digital Advertising and Marketing-Global Market Trajectory & Analytics states that global digital advertising and marketing market will reach $786.2 billion by 2026. It is evident that digital marketing is the present and future of the business, which is why it is important for the marketing team to stay updated on current trends and hone their skills frequently.

So, as a business owner how can you impart knowledge or skill to your employees? Training or upskilling is a desirable solution for employees to stay updated on the latest trend or information about your business.

In the previous blogs, we have been discussing LMS software as a key solution to carry out sales training, customer service training activities in an organization. Now, let us switch our focus to training your marketing team for your business using LMS.

The core objective of an LMS remains the same as discussed in other blogs like it helps in creating, managing, and publishing content for training purposes, you have the liberty to publish content in different formats like PDFs, infographics, etc., you can track learner’s performance with ease, generate reports and provide valuable feedback.

Now, let us discuss what kind of courses or training programs you can offer your marketing team to update their skill and knowledge.

Different marketing training programs to provide using LMS

In the marketing domain, a T-shaped marketer is someone who has a broad understanding of all the marketing disciplines, also in-depth knowledge in specific areas. They will have complete knowledge across the funnel like conversion optimization, A/B testing, customer acquisition, etc. This means best marketing teams should have T-shaped talent which gives you an array of skills and knowledge to perform tasks effectively.

The ideal way to gain expertise in different marketing areas is to take up training programs and engage in upskilling and reskilling. And, using an LMS for marketing training, you can provide an opportunity for your employees to upskill themselves.

Let us understand the different marketing programs you can provide your new hires and existing employees to upgrade their skill set:

Digital Marketing Training

It is essential for marketing teams to stay updated on the new trends and technologies and promote their products and services online. Digital marketing has many domains like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), etc., you can publish these in different categories as courses using an LMS application.

Compliance Training

Marketing compliance is ensuring your business practices comply with the rules and regulations to safeguard customer privacy. Since policies are updated regularly to govern data protection like GDPR and customer privacy, you should include compliance training for your marketing team.

Marketing Analytics Training

After marketing analytics training, you will be able to evaluate marketing performance and understand what triggers customers’ actions, how to refine campaigns, and boost ROI.

If you are providing such kind of training programs using an LMS, you can

  • Create a content strategy: Since marketing mainly focuses on delivering engaging content to your audience, you can create a content engagement cycle and represent it using infographics. For example, you can include information like the best time to post content on different social media channels, what actions to perform when a customer clicks on a link, or subscribe to your YouTube channel, etc. Such kind of information will be useful for learners to manage and present content effectively to the right audience.

  • Provide assignments, quizzes, etc: Using an LMS you can assign activities like writing a blog or a case study, creating marketing videos, etc., which helps your learners have a hands-on experience with theory-based knowledge. You can also include quizzes at the end of each course.

  • Include gamified programs: A game-based learning approach would make learning exciting and interesting for your employees. Provide badges, and rewards or create leaderboards and display top performers. This will motivate your employees and make way for healthy competition.

If all these are aligned in place, you will be able to create marketing experts in no time and increase sales, productivity, and performance of your business.

Vtiger has recently launched its LMS feature, which has everything you need to provide training programs for your marketing team. By availing different Vtiger modules like Exercises, Concepts, Quiz, etc., you can easily create and publish various courses and aim to generate skilled marketing professionals.