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Leverage Vtiger – Clearbit integration to import contact details

Vtiger Cloud is now geared up with the Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP), an enabler that lets businesses build productive in-app customizations to boost CRM capabilities. This blog introduces one such extension that we rolled out to the Cloud marketplace, Vtiger CRM – Clearbit integration .

Let us see why this integration is vital to your business. Sales lead qualification is a challenge for many organizations today. Sales reps end up chasing leads who aren’t decision-makers nor influencers in making purchases. Wouldn’t it be easy if you had the technology to find all relevant details about your leads so that you could identify leads who are also key decision-makers in their organization?

Clearbit is one such tool. A data enrichment tool, it helps in providing the latest details of a person and their company. Clearbit shares more than 100 unique data points that can be used:
  • To filter lead information
  • Send best leads straight to your sales teams
  • Give more contextual information for sales reps
Imagine the leverage your sales team could have in striking the right conversation on a phone call with that customer!

Vtiger Clearbit extension strives to help sales teams get this information about the prospect right inside the CRM and plan the subsequent follow-up strategy.

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The extension provides the Clearbit button on the Contact record view. Clicking on this button displays enriched details about the contact available in Clearbit, like location, work details, title, and social profile. The lookup is based on the primary email address of the Contact in the CRM.


Relevant details can be copied back to the CRM record with a simple click from the enriched profile information.

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Enable your team with this productive extension by installing this into our CRM on Cloud. Setup the access from Contacts Listview of CRM by providing the Clearbit-API-key.

Note: To use the integration, you need to:
  • Enable Clearbit and the enrichment app login
  • Copy the API key from the Clearbit dashboard

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Benefits of Vtiger – Clearbit integration
  • Enrich contact details from social profiles
  • Import contact details with the click of a button into the CRM
  • Lets your sales teams:
    • Use contextual information to identify leads with decision-making capabilities
    • Focus on leads that matter instead of spending time on leads that may not convert

Are you interested in building more such extensions that benefit your organization using VTAP? Send in your queries to Sign up for the developer edition here.

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