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Little things we learned in 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and we decided to look back at the year in gratitude. There surely are some great things that the year taught us. But as they say, it’s the little things that matter.

So, here are some little but important realities we learned this year.

Read and relate, folks!

All humans are multi-taskers. ?

Remember the time when we worked from the office? Waking up early, getting dressed, reaching the office, and working for 9 hours straight. Seems like a dream now. ?

Anyway, now that we’re all working from home, haven’t we discovered our multi-tasker selves? Sometimes I find myself making an omelet, or doing the dishes, or organizing my wardrobe during work hours. Do you too?

Everybody’s born a chef! ?

There. We’ve said it! It’s an undeniable fact that all of us saw our friends and family trying their hand at cooking. Don’t tell us you never made or tried making Dalgona coffee or baking a cake during the lockdown. The bottom line is, we can do just about anything if we really want to.

We can do well even without shopping *hands down* ?

Haven’t we all learned this lesson? It was a nightmare of a time when shopping malls were closed, and online shopping businesses did not deliver. But we slowly and surely coped with reality, didn’t we? Many of our favorite shopping hubs are still shut, but we’re doing absolutely fine without them. Yes, we are. Don’t try to tell yourself otherwise. ?

Sharing is caring. ?

It’s not apparent, but we definitely have been acting on this proverb. Do you realize you’ve been sharing the new work(from home)-space with your siblings? We’ve built a mini co-working/learning space at home, haven’t we?

Some of us also share our Netflix passwords with our friends these days… and I think that’s really great! We can’t go to the movies but we can still watch them together.

Resilience is in our DNA. ⁨?

“You can’t go to the office”, they instructed. “That’s okay, we’ll work from home”, we replied. They said maintain social distancing, so we video-called each other. They said going out for lunch is dangerous, so we ordered in. They said don’t go to the gym, so we worked out at home.

They said, don’t this… don’t that…

So many don’ts and challenges. Like the resilient people we are, we have coped with all of them. Pat yourself on the back, everyone! ?

The importance of washing our hands. ✌

Now, this one’s a little serious. We’re all lazy when it comes to washing our hands and face. Who wants to make this futile effort, right? But thank you, 2020! You showed us how much the little things matter. It’s indisputable that small steps towards hygiene can save us from great troubles.

What are the little things that 2020 taught you? Let us know in the comments below.