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Remembering Vijay Kumar – our Friend, Colleague, and an Inspirational Giver

This year has been challenging for many.

For us at Vtiger, our year-end has been unfortunately marked by the untimely loss of one of our own and one of the very best.

Two weeks ago, we lost Vijay Kumar, an inspirational and valued member of the Vtiger family. He passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack after he returned home from the gym. Vijay was only 26 years old.

Vijay, the Colleague


Vijay joined us directly after completing his engineering studies in 2016. He had been an enthusiastic member of our family ever since. As a member of our engineering team, Vijay worked earnestly to deliver a robust product to our customers and most recently was directly involved in the successful implementation of V9. He handled his responsibilities professionally and went out of his way to happily assist members of other teams.

Vijay, the Athlete


Vijay was an active participant in many sports activities, including our annual Vtiger Premier League Cricket matches. He was always available to partner with you at Carrom or play a game of table tennis.

Vijay, the Friend

Loyal, happy, smiling, trustworthy, reliable, and fun-loving are some of the words that his friends used for him. Vijay was friendly in nature and caring. He was an automobile enthusiast and a foody and ever ready to hang out with his friends. He was also a 2 AM friend for many and always willing to lend to everyone.

Vijay, the Giver


Every once in a while, you meet someone special who truly embraces and exudes all the good in this world while smiling and enjoying life even through the difficult times. Vijay was one of these special people. In every photo that Vijay is in, you will see a genuine smile that was contagious, uplifting, and healing to everyone whose path he crossed.
He was also always eager to help others and would freely give one of the most valuable assets we can give in this world, our time.

Unknown to many, Vijay was involved in helping visually-impaired children. He would spend his weekends to spend time with such children. He had helped many to write their exams for them.
Vijay was a blood donor too. He was also the first one to volunteer to travel 20 KM to a hospital to give his blood when one of us was in need. He even roped in his brother and friends into this worthwhile effort.

Vijay was not just a cherished colleague and a fun friend. He was also a beloved son and brother and left behind grieving parents and a twin brother. He had dreams of building a house for his parents and got the design plans ready when the tragedy occurred.

Despite his little time with us, Vijay showed how much a positive impact one could create if one puts a mind to it. Vijay exemplified Vtiger’s core values. We are proud to have had his company, though only briefly.

Vijay was our teammate, soulmate, as well as a travel mate. We truly went places with him.

We will miss him dearly.