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Vtiger’s to-do list to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving CRM Landscape

Here we are again at the threshold of another new year! We are filled with anticipation to begin this exciting journey! Are you? 

We have plans to release new features and expand existing ones – all with the vision of providing enriching experiences. Before we tell you what we have in store, we would like to reflect on the milestones of our 2023 journey. 

Let us start by saying, thank you for your trust and support. We are grateful that you continue to power your businesses with Vtiger CRM.

Now, 2023 was eventful – we released quite a few features, made helpful enhancements, and got placed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (yet again). This was possible because we drew up a to-do list at the beginning of 2023. Take a look at the list.

  • Create custom CRMs for new industries
  • Expand the application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Empower customers with VTAP and no-code applications
  • Plug product gaps
  • Listen to our customers

We used this list to create immersive experiences, enhance collaboration, and help build customizable CRMs. We can confidently say we have checked off the items on this list – take a look at the transformations made to Vtiger CRM in 2023 based on the above list.

Our Proud Moment

Do you remember our Gartner achievement? 

We are happy that we made it to the SFA Magic Quadrant Series, 2023. That is five times in a row. In their report, Gartner says, “Gartner considers SFA to be foundational technology, implemented to automate an organization’s core sales processes while also improving the sellers ability to engage with buyers via customer interaction touchpoints.

It feels great to be selected to be in the company of the best CRMs yet again. 

2023 was all about working on a successful path together – we made significant changes to the CRM to aid users, developers, and administrators. Now let us see what is in store for 2024!

Unveiling 2024 –the year of progress

In the last few years, we have continuously explored ways of enhancing a CRM that could address the unique challenges posed by the advent of COVID. This journey has been marked by significant collaboration and unwavering support from our customers, users, partners, and the CRM community.

The years 2022 and 2023 witnessed a concentrated effort on the part of the CRM industry to integrate automation and AI-driven features. Social CRM and mobile versions gained popularity, and 2023 brought trends like voice and conversational UI, along with IoT integrations.

Vtiger CRM added many features and expanded CRM functionality with AI-driven features, the Social module, CPQ, etc. With features like the Process Designer and VTAP, users can easily build apps and expand the functionality of the CRM to suit their business needs. In simple words, we put the power in the hands of the users to build custom CRMs.

We believe 2024 will be the year of progress! We envision substantial growth in the coming year and invite you to grow with us. 

This year we will be adding new verticals and industries. We will also lay a specific emphasis on enhancing existing features. Take a look at our 2024 to-do list!

Since we also foresee a surge in the self-service aspect of the CRM, we will be enhancing our features like Chatbots, Article and FAQ editor, LLM support for conversational tools, etc. This will aid you with installing and using the CRM as well as issue resolution. We have started incorporating these technologies into the CRM with features such as Chat GPT assistance for chat and email content, Gamification, Coaching module, and Onboarding.  

The CRM landscape is changing, and the coming year promises an exciting evolution. If you have an idea for an enhancement, we will build it into the CRM. Your ideas are important to us, as is your organizational success! We are here, and we are listening. Do write to us – [email protected]

At the risk of repeating our mantra – we want to build a CRM that helps you get more done with less!

From all of us at Vtiger CRM – we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful year ahead.