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Vtiger Christmas Specials To Elevate Your Business This Season

Bring out the Holly, the Eggnog, the Yule log, the decorations, and the lights…it is time to celebrate Christmas.

Amongst the many happy moments that make Christmas, gifting stands out the most. You never know what lies in that colorfully wrapped box. Be it at your home, school, or workplace, the joy of gifting at Christmas is one of the most valued traditions across the globe.

The history of gifting during Christmas

The age-old practice of Christmas gifts goes back to the birth of Jesus Christ. The three Magi (the three kings) visited baby Jesus with gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts. The life of a fourth-century saint named Nikolaos of Myra, who was known for giving gifts to people, also played a key role in Christmas gifting. After being recognized as a saint, he became referred to as Saint Nicholas, which is believed to be the origin of the name ‘Santa Claus’.

With the hustle-bustle of everyday life, Christmas gifting creates the opportunity to slow down and connect with loved ones. The best part is that, even after the gifts have been exchanged, the memories of shared happiness linger even after the holiday season has passed.

Particularly, if you give a gift to the homeless or less fortunate, they will remember your kindness along with the gift more than anyone. Furthermore, many can’t give gifts, and there are those who don’t have anyone to receive a gift from. So, while you spread joy among your loved ones via gifts, make sure to include the needy as well.

Christmas at Vtiger

We are putting our tree in a week. Vtigerians are getting together to play Secret Santa and exchange gifts, and the gift pile is getting ready. It is always exciting to see happy faces when the gifts are opened!

We value your contribution to our growth and for standing with us. As a token of appreciation, we would also like to gift you with something special. Since we can’t hand them over to you in person, we bring you Vtiger Holiday offers.

This season, we have exclusive Christmas offers for existing, new, and open-source customers.

  • 30% Off on standard users for Cloud Upgrades
  • 30% Off on standard users for Cloud Subscriptions
  • Up to 40% Off on Open source to Cloud Migration 
  • 3 Months Free Calculus AI
  • 6 Months Free Add-ons

Click the image to pick your gift. Let us share the joy of this festival season!

Season’s Greetings and a Very Happy New Year from us all at Vtiger.