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Transforming customer relationships with Generative CRM

Despite having a CRM system, is your company struggling to craft tailored emails for your customers? Are the manual processes slowing down your work efficiency and team productivity? You may have also encountered frustrated customers and several missed opportunities, right? Well, here is the solution, Generative AI. 

So, let’s talk about what is GenAI? 

GenAI is a technology powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning that learns from the current data and generates new content (based on your queries). 

Machine learning enables GenAI’s learning, while NLP helps it understand and generate content for your queries. 

How is it useful? 

For instance, ChatGPT is a type of GenAI that retrieves information and creates content based on your prompts (queries, instructions, and requirements). 

Gen AI helps in the following ways:

  • Searches for relevant and existing data to give the most appropriate response. 
  • Forecasts future customer behavior based on historical data. 
  • Writes tailored email content. 
  • Improves your email and conversational content.
  • Helps create documentation, articles, blogs, etc. 

GenAI in a CRM

How would it be if you had an AI-powered assistant to generate content for your CRM activities? 

Let us see how GenAI can help you.

  • Data analysis: GenAI analyzes the vast amount of customer data stored in the CRM, which includes emails, calls, notes, etc. 
  • Predictive analytics: Based on the customer behavior, patterns, and preferences obtained from the data analysis, GenAI predicts future customer needs and suggests relevant steps for you. 
  • Content personalization: With respect to data analysis and predictive analytics, GenAI-powered CRM generates tailored experiences for customers, such as emails, follow-up messages, marketing messages, etc. 

Example 1

Let us consider the following example and see how Generative AI in CRM can streamline a business process.    

A skincare company, PureGlow, with a large customer base, is struggling to provide personalized product recommendations. They are losing customers to a competitor who offers custom products. To address this challenge, they decide to implement Generative AI in their CRM.

Guess how it turned out? Their Gen AI-powered CRM analyzed customer behavior, purchase history, patterns, feedback, and more to come up with the ideal recommendation for each customer. They were also able to create personalized email content, answer customer questions with relevant information, and create targeted marketing campaigns. 

The company was able to get closer to its customers by making data-driven decisions and creating tailored experiences. This increased customer engagement and sales.

Example 2

Imagine a scenario where a salesperson struggles to follow up with a lead and lacks time to create a customized email. He relies on his CRM system which was recently integrated with GenAI capabilities. The GenAI feature analyses past interactions and creates a personalized email with a compelling offer. Not only did this allow the salesperson to save a lot of time, it also allowed them to close the deal quickly.  

Benefits of GenAI in a CRM 

Responding to customers isn’t a single task — it’s really a series of tasks that require different skills, Harvard Business Review1

There are various advantages that come with integrating Generative AI with your CRM.  

  • Personalization: Based on demographics, customer patterns, preferences, etc., GenAI-based CRM helps create targeted email campaigns, product recommendations, etc. 
  • Automation: You can automate certain tasks such as data entry, summary and report generation, streamline workflows. 
  • Enhanced sales and lead generation: Create effective sales content highlighting relevant product features addressing customer needs. Customize lead nurturing emails and outreach based on lead actions and demographics. 
  • Improved customer support: Craft quick responses to FAQs using CRM data to speed up the response rate. Generative CRM analyzes customer conversations and provides suitable replies or solutions. 

Example 3

The sales team of a well-established e-commerce company, QuickCart, struggles to keep up with the high volume of customer interactions, leading to missed follow-ups, inaccurate data entry, and a lack of insight into customer behavior and preferences. 

To get back on track immediately, the company integrates its CRM system with Generative AI. Its automation capabilities analyzes customer conversations such as emails and calls to provide key insights and identify opportunities. 

Generative CRM also automates repetitive tasks such as data entry for increased accuracy and generates follow-up emails which allows the sales reps to prioritize other important activities. As you can see, Generative CRM effectively streamlines data management and customer interaction processes. 

So, are you interested in integrating GenAI into your CRM? Why not check out Vtiger CRM? 

GenAI integration with Vtiger CRM

Whether you want to craft an attractive email or resolve any queries, Vtiger Calculus is your one-stop solution. Leveraging NLQ capabilities, this tool provides you with the best solutions and recommendations by analyzing the available data in the CRM. 

Want to learn how Vtiger Calculus AI supports various activities? Click the links to see where GenAI is available in the CRM.

Feature Availability 
For analyzing calls and emails One Professional & One Enterprise 
For email assistant to suggest contentOne Professional & One Enterprise 
Conversation insights  One Professional & One Enterprise 
Coaching for support agents All Editions 
Deal health One Professional & One Enterprise 

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