Old Order Changeth

Keeping up with the tradition of change in vtigerCRM, the blogs now sports a new look & feel. Hold your breadth, as the change is across the whole gamut of vtiger offerings, right from vtigerCRM 5 GA, to the website, wiki et al. As we are nearing the GA release, there is a buzz around and the whole team is stretching every sinew to ensure that vtiger 5 product is world class in every aspect. It is the positive energy that is carrying the team to scale unexpected heights never thought of before. The teams main focus in this final stretch is enhancing performance, get rid of the vulnerabilities, and port bug free plug-ins. The rest are minor tweaks in calendar/activities to ensure smooth end-user experience. Folks, the countdown has well and truly begun and the stakes are already high. There is a strong belief in the team that with this release we are going to write a fresh chapter in Open Source History.
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13 years 1 month ago

Just a small correction :-
We will make history. Let someone else write about it.



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