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Redesigned goes live – 5 key features in our new website

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We are very excited to introduce our new website. Today marks the culmination of a long due activity on our side. Our original website has outlived its term. While designing the new site, we focused on the needs of existing users, new visitors, and community members.

We highlighted 5 key features of the new website below.

1. Top Level Menu – Providing quick access for returning users

Top Level Menus

Developers Portal

This page contains helpful resources for developers who are working on vtiger CRM implementations. It includes links to API documentation, FAQs, Migration guides and more.

Community Portal

vtiger CRM users and developers who are interested in participating in the community will find all the necessary information on the Community page. This page also includes a Community Calendar that promotes local user group events organized by our community members and partners.

Language selection
Users can now view the website content in their language.

Our Partners page makes it easy for users to contact vtiger service providers in their region.

On Demand Login
Clicking the button takes users to the On Demand login page.

2. Main Menu – Introducing users to vtiger products and services

Main Menu

Home – This is the main landing page, and introduces users to vtiger products and their benefits.

Products and Services – Users will find extensive information, including screenshots, videos and more, on our products and services.

Help – Users can access FAQ Portal, Documentation, Videos, Books, and Forums from this page.

Marketplace – We have upgraded the Extensions Marketplace to improve listing views and navigation.

Store – Customers can purchase support, migration and training services from here.

Get Started – Users can sign up for On Demand, or download vtiger CRM from here.

3. Newly designed FAQ Portal

We are most excited about this! We have created a knowledge base with over 200 frequently answered questions, and presenting it through a newly designed FAQ portal. Through this portal, users can search by keywords and find answers to most frequently asked questions on vtiger CRM in seconds.

vtiger FAQ Portal

4. New Video Directory and Player

With the video directory, and the integrated player, users will find it easy to find videos and enjoy viewing them without any distractions.

vtiger videos directory

vtiger website video player

5. Improved Marketplace

We improved the presentation of the extensions listed on our marketplace with reviews and other details.

vtiger Marketplace listing page


We hope that you will find our new website to be better. Please email your feedback to [email protected].

Note: We are aware of certain data missing in the marketplace, such as number of views. We will fix this soon.

Upcoming Changes

In the next couple of months, we will be upgrading our forums and wiki.