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Secure your payments with Vtiger – Razorpay Integration

Adopting a digital payment strategy is one of the most valuable solutions for businesses and consumers to improve business performance. From automated invoicing and payment collections to controlling risk and offering safe to secure customer experiences, digital payment solutions bring value to the post-COVID environment.
Razorpay is one such digital payment app. If you are a Vtiger customer who uses Razorpay, here is some good news.
Vtiger CRM now integrates with Razorpay, allowing you to accept, process, and disburse payments from the CRM.

Features of Razorpay Integration with Vtiger CRM

  • Reminders that you can send out ensure that payments are made on time.
  • All forms of online payment, including foreign currency.
  • Well-drafted reports and email notifications that you ca provide to clients.
  • Payment gateways that are compatible with security requirements, allowing for safe transactions.

Benefits of Razorpay Integration with Vtiger CRM

  • Compared to manual processing, all transactions are faster and more convenient, saving time for both retailers and customers.
  • Your business will be open 24 hours a day with your clients able to make purchases or payments from the comfort of their homes.
  • You can send payment links from the CRM.
  • Payment statuses are automatically updated.

Integrating Razorpay payment gateway with the payment module.

Integrating and using Vtiger’s Razorpay payment gateway is effortless and easily accomplished.
In Razorpay:

  • Create an account in Razorpay and fill out the necessary information.
  • Download and install the Razorpay extension.
  • Add your account information to log in.

In Vtiger CRM:

  • Select Razorpay payment gateway in the Payment module. Enter payment details and payee information and transmit payments directly from the CRM to your customers.
  • Send payment links via emails to your customers along with additional information.

Take advantage of Razorpay integration and keep your business running 24/7.
Sign up for Vtiger CRM today.

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