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Supercharge your Decision-Making Process with AI-Powered Dashboards

Making informed decisions is an integral part of a business. With important metrics and valuable insights, only you can see your business grow in the right direction. And, it is challenging to drill down on large amounts of data, analyze the success and setbacks, and generate reports of your business performance manually.

So, why is it important to make data-driven decisions?

Your business is more likely to be profitable if you base your decisions on data and not instincts. A survey points out that 81% of respondents agree that data should be at the heart of all decision-making.

Now, what is the best possible way to make smart decisions seamlessly?

Since most organizations are leveraging AI for their day-to-day activities, you can use AI-powered dashboards to gain insights and make intelligent recommendations for your business.

What is an AI-powered dashboard?

Dashboards automate the process of generating insights and presenting data in a visually appealing way. It provides snapshots of your team’s performance, sales count, cases resolved in a month, etc., and makes it convenient for you to take valuable information.

The reports generated can be presented in various formats such as graphs, charts, timelines, etc. The Dashboards are mainly designed for sales leaders or managers to track important metrics and gain a deeper understanding of your business in a fast, feasible, and efficient manner.

What are the important metrics you can track using an AI dashboard?

Since most of the dashboards available are customizable, you can set up your own dashboard as per your requirements. Some of the standard metrics that businesses track are:

All these metrics can be tracked for a week, month or year according to your choice. And, all this information can be monitored on an individual, team, or organizational level.

A robust AI-powered dashboard should be able to:

  • Generate insights in a user-friendly way.
  • Create automated reports.
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business.
  • Handle large amounts of data as your business expands.

Advantages of using AI dashboards

There are multiple benefits of having your own AI-enabled dashboard. With AI dashboard, you can:

Enable real-time tracking: Sales or support teams can track customer behavior in real-time and that will reflect immediately in the dashboard. For instance, you can measure the number of times a customer visited your website, opened and clicked your email, etc. All these metrics can be used to provide a personalized customer experience.

Predict future business outcomes: You can use previous data to predict how well your business will be able to perform. It also allows you to foresee the revenue you will generate based on the current data. And, this is called sales forecasting

Improve efficiency: When the whole process of generating insights is automated, your team will be able to garner more insights in a short period. This will increase team productivity by delivering solutions in an agile manner.

Interpret data visually: With a pictorial representation of your data, you will be able to gain insights into your deals won, deals lost, etc., easily.

Are you looking to implement an easy-to-use dashboard for your business?

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