Vtiger URL Shortener

Vtiger URL shortener for secure, reliable short links to optimize your campaigns

Every web page will have a URL with various parameters added; however, this can get lengthy. Besides filtering, organizing, and presenting the content to users, you can also use URL parameters to track the lead source. Having a short link even after adding all these parameters is unfeasible.

With various digital selling tools, 80% of B2B interactions can occur digitally by 2025-Gartner. The key to an efficient digital experience is quick links and simple navigation. Short links can benefit outbound marketing campaigns, where a user can quickly follow up on the links on the internet.

One of the ways to leverage technology for the benefit of the business is to concise the links for social media and other campaigns to enhance user experience (UX). Using Vtiger Short URL, you can ease your reader’s job and optimize engagement. Short URLs can increase the chances to click, copy, and share the pages.

Use Vtiger URL shortener to build trust among your customers. When we look at the statistics showing phishing attacks using URL shortener apps, 70% of the attacks were from using the most renowned apps. Avoid any kind of dropouts; use our Vtiger Short URL feature to enrich your relationship with your customers.

We also observe private URLs becoming public while using URL shorteners. Vtiger Short URL are not just short but are safe and encrypted. Eliminate data breach threats and run marketing campaigns that are free from strifes.

Vtiger URL Shortener comes with practical benefits on hand

In a generation of Twitter updates and Facebook statuses, shortened URLs help with the character limit and lead to higher click rates. Most users will already be familiarized and comfortable using them daily; thus, they pose a high success rate for any webpage.

Short URLs for streamlined UX


With Vtiger URL Shortener, you can effortlessly shorten URLs and share them with CRM contacts. Short links are easier to reshare and spread word of mouth. To put it in another way; quick links are memorable to type into a web browser when you are giving a presentation or having a field visit.

Short URLs that do not expire


Did expired URLs affect your ongoing marketing campaigns? For instance, you have shortened links using third-party apps for a campaign, which runs for the long run. The third-party apps used to cut down the links have stopped their services. Wouldn’t that affect the whole marketing campaign? With Vtiger URL Shortener, your links are secure and do not expire. Leverage this to keep your URLs in existence and circulation for a long time.

Short URLs with embedded UTM codes


We have custom fields to track the URLs shortened; campaign source, medium, name, term, and content. Using Vtiger Google Analytics URL builder, you can assess the lead source quickly and optimize your web experience based on analytics.

Short URLs on the go


You can now shorten URLs anywhere and anytime with our Vtiger CRM mobile app. Use our free app to shorten URLs on the go. Our mobile app is free to install; comes with certain privileges.

Don’t wait anymore… install the Vtiger CRM right away and try the Short URL for yourself!. Signup Now!

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