Person working and person chilling

Which WFH Personality are You?

Your life is now in monochrome,

Having nowhere to roam.

Now that you are stuck at home,

Enjoy reading this blog on Chrome.

As you know, we are all in the middle of a pandemic and fighting it in our own ways. During this difficult time, we thought of coming up with a funny, light-hearted blog.

For the last six weeks, most of us around the world are working from home, and I must say that it has been quite a challenge. After I spoke to a few of my friends and colleagues, I realized that everybody has their own work from home patterns, pace, and routines. However, I also found out that we all broadly fall into these five very-common work from home personalities. Read along and find out which one you relate to the most.




Are you working ‘from’ home and working ‘for’ home? 

You not only manage to take video calls on the fly but also find the time to help your parents or spouse at household chores, feed the dog, and get the groceries. You can’t deny watching Netflix with your siblings (because you know you will regret it later 😛 ). You want a compulsory me-time at the end of the day to refresh yourself.




You are never online, but you always get the work done on time. You may come across as being irresponsible because you miss most of your meetings; but your colleagues know that your work ethic is everything you’d call impressive, incredible, and impeccable. You are indeed the talk of the town because of this unique personality.



relax at home

Are you ‘working hard’ or ‘hardly working’? 😎

Your productivity is the highest when you are in your soft and comfy pajamas. As there is no ‘travel time’ or ‘get-ready time’, all you do is wake up and switch on your laptop. A power nap during the day is your recharging mantra. Work from home becomes work from room, and you consider your bed as your ‘sacred workspace.’




If you have zero-tolerance towards gossip, TV show climaxes, and food recipes, you are perfection personified. Once you are ‘online’, you channelize all your focus and energy on your work. You are the one who doesn’t mix up your professional and personal life. Truly motivated and determined, you always put your best foot forward.



day dreaming

Did you say alarm? What’s that? 😀

You are the master of your own time, and never give in to deadlines. You take a break every half an hour to the kitchen and go that extra mile to steer clear of meetings. You work at your own pace even if the world turns upside down. Weekdays, weekends, day-time, and night-time don’t make a difference to you. But truth be told, you are a sincere follower of the saying ’Slow and steady wins the race’.


PS: I am a serial chiller. I love working at home… in my casuals and fluffy slippers. What about you?

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This is really fun. I think I am The Multitasker. 😀


Great thoughts
I am a multitasker 🙂


Great blog! Very well-written 😀


Nice blog, loved it.

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