Pay it forward - help those in trouble

A chance to pay it forward

Have you noticed those, bravely fighting the chaos that COVID created? Healthcare workers, security forces, businesses that provide essential services, and a few others have been the frontline warriors in this fight. They are risking their lives and isolating themselves from their families while providing numerous services to the COVID affected. Hats off to these warriors!

There are also unsung heroes silently walking that extra mile to lend a helping hand. Individually or in groups, they have been providing food, care packages, medicine, shelter, etc. And yet, you rarely hear or read about these people who have volunteered their time, effort, and money to take care of humans as well as animals.

Through the efforts of one of our valuable partners, Ramesh Chander (MD of Rixyncs), Vtiger CRM got a chance to work with one such volunteer group – Corona Warriors. The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Bangalore, India, was made responsible for providing food and essential services through volunteers. When thousands of volunteers started signing up, DIPR began spending most of their time and effort in managing data using Excel sheets instead of managing the actual activities. Multiple sheets were being handled by various people and these created problems – non-availability of the latest data, and data duplication were only the beginning. Merging this process with offline tasks of generating and distributing ID cards gave rise to further complications.

Vtiger CRM stepped into this space with a solution – Electronic ID cards in a day! Our employees volunteered to create a customized app to manage the data and the tasks involved in this operation. They created the app in record time that handled the following seamlessly:
  • Manage volunteer data
  • Define the role of volunteers
  • Verify IDs
  • Create an Electronic ID with a QR code
  • Integrate with the user’s contact information (phone number and email ID) to send the URL and QR code to the volunteers
This app smoothened the process enormously. After volunteers filled a form with their details, the information would be verified. The app would send a URL and a QR code to the registered phone numbers and email addresses of those who passed verification. The signee could download their Electronic ID (EID) onto their phones or take a print out, which could then be used for their allotted activities and at police checkpoints. Managing the operation became easier with the app -with data being updated in real-time and elimination of duplicate data.

During this short time period, we had the opportunity to work closely with some of the Corona Warriors and are thankful for their service and passion. Sonali Singh, Chandan, Fayaz, Ramesh – Thank you!

We at Vtiger, are grateful for this opportunity to lend a hand. Thank you Ganesh Garapati for bringing this to us. We are also proud of our team, Sagar Bp, Vikas Jain, Sivakumar J, and Prasad A for going beyond the call of duty to deliver.

A big thank you to all the Corona Warriors! You inspired us to pay it forward.

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