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Banners. Banners everywhere!

Let’s face it, web advertisements are more than just here to stay, they’re multiplying. While the thought of Publishers Clearing House ads dancing in your cursor tracks might be the stuff of nightmares, this picture couldn’t be farther from the reality of modern advertising strategies. For starters, interaction design is often the single most important developer consideration when putting a site, or software, together. Long gone (at least in modern practice) are high contrast, disruptive Ads that prevent you from engaging with content before the message is delivered. Perhaps more important to consider is that ads are often the reason you can read TechCrunch, use Google search, access Gmail and communicate on Facebook without having to pass through a paywall. Heck, it’s why most of those sites and products even exist today. Advertising, then, has enabled otherwise nonviable companies and products to become some of the most prominent, customer friendly organizations in the world, and has directly contributed to accessibility, innovation, and freedom of information, in ways that would have otherwise been impossible. Disruptive ads still do exist however, and have been a tremendous source of frustration from an interaction standpoint. For this reason, and a slew of others mostly related to user experience and perception, advertising had mostly stayed out of business software. Queue the explosive adoption of software among cost-conscious small and medium businesses. The result was that many software developers capitalized on the opportunity to subsidize or entirely cover software development and delivery costs with advertisements with little objection from the business community. After all, the software works, and best of all, it’s free (hooray for the bottom line!)! In some extremely well-executed cases, these efforts have been tremendously successful (just take a look at SpiceWorks), while in others it has resulted in utter failure. So as a company constantly focused on understanding the trends of today to build for the future, help us understand: How do ad-banners affect your perception, your experience, and ultimately the way you decide on a free business software solution. Compare it to a paid experience that’s ad free. We’d love to know what you think!
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Luuk Roovers
4 years 11 months ago

Well its simply not in line with open source expectations

ratin CRM
4 years 11 months ago

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4 years 11 months ago

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The Open Sourcerer
4 years 11 months ago


Ads in software sucks. Really.

4 years 11 months ago


I can see the need to monitise your software. This is not the way to do it. It will lead to a war between you and your customers. They will figure out a way to block the ads. Then you will need to come up with a better way to send the ads. It will lead to an arms race and both sides lose. Time would be much better spent on the software not the ads.

Thanks for a nice product but I will be looking for another if the ads show up. I am willing to pay something but hate ads. Also ads will give customers a right to demand fixes and updates in a timely manner as they are now paying customers. Bet you did not think of that.


4 years 11 months ago


I think it is a good Idea. However, only for company internal advertisement. There might be a new project starting, need for a internal survey, annual summer party, security updates needed, travel tornado warnings, new travel center office, internal security trainings … a lot could be advertised and communicated.

To have external ads for concerts, the new specials … it is not good.

One could consider ads in the customer facing application, again only for information purposes.

Jean Karl
4 years 11 months ago

The Sohos (Vtiger forked), Wave Accounting, Mint and Yodlee works somewhat… What it is they have opened their development platform and advertise integration partners and each time someone buys an add-on that integrates with their applications; especially if it is a recurring service; they earned residual income therefrom. Nonetheless, these models have quickly grown through integration partner sales without having these promo deals interfering with their core products or service, in other words, it is not aggressive because they integrated partners sell themselves.
Honestly Vtiger has matured to the point where integration should become the strategic priority where the open source platform may become a great source of income.

some suggestions:

– Google Check out
– Harvest
– Shoeboxed
– Nolapro (Cloud platform)
– Quick Books Online/ Desktop Too
– Business Intelligence Services
– Hoovers/DNB/ Manta
– Not for for profit but because they will make your platform the #1 all around at the next CRM Competition instead of number 4 (still great place compared to the who the competition was)

Good Luck!

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