Exchange Connector 2.0 Released

Hear ye, hear ye! If you’re a current Vtiger Exchange connector subscriber, or are evaluating subscribing for Exchange connector services, we’re pleased to announce that a few updates and bug fixes were recently released that will enhance your experience using Vtiger through Microsoft Outlook. Updates 1) Group Synchronization –  Assigning a record to any group in Vtiger now syncs that record with all of the group’s mapped users in Exchange 2) Account Name Synchronization –  If a Contact is linked with an Organization in Vtiger through the contact’s “Organization” field, the Organization’s name will be mapped to the contact’s “Company” field in Exchange. Similarly, if a Contact is created in Outlook, any value in the “Company” field in Outlook will cause Vtiger to search for an Organization with that name, create one if it doesn’t already exist, and then link the contact to that organization in Vtiger. Bug Fixes 1) Issue related to Duplicate account creation. 2) Issue related to mapping of fields in the Contacts module. For more information on the Vtiger-Exchange connector please visit, or for an evaluation copy, contact us at

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