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Clean up “dirty data” in your CRM and save up to $100 per record on maintenance and lost opportunities

Duplicate records, incomplete record entries, typos, and contact data degradation over time, create an enormous chunk of what we like to call “dirty data” in a CRM system. According to a recent study, if businesses don’t clean up existing CRM data, and take action to stop new dirty data from making its way in, it can end up costing them up to $100 per CRM record in lost opportunities and poor customer experiences.

$100 per dirty record

Vtiger can help you ensure that your CRM data is clean and error-free by automating record creation whenever possible, restricting data editing privileges on a need-to-use basis, and even preventing duplicate records from being created when you create new records, modify existing records, or sync records with third party software.

Prevent the creation of duplicate records with rule-based automatic duplicate checks

Having duplicate CRM records means spending extra space, money, and human resources to maintain them. With duplicate contacts, marketing team send out same promotional emails to the same contact multiple times and multiple sales associates contact the same person to win business. Needless to say, both the scenarios waste time and annoy customers.


To maintain CRM data integrity, Vtiger automatically checks for duplicates before importing them from different sources. If it finds one, Vtiger instantly alerts the user during the import. Want to search for potential duplicates already in Vtiger? Just use the duplicate record merge tool to merge those found into a record containing only the latest information.

Eliminate manual data entry errors with automated data entry and sync data from other software you use

Businesses should integrate CRM with the other software they use, like Office 365, Quickbooks, Xero, Gmail, and others they use so that data flows seamlessly between apps. Otherwise, having up to date data in the CRM and the other systems require manual data entry either in one system or both. With that being the case, even a single mistake can be costly when dealing with mission-critical information.


Automate data entry to eliminate any potential manual errors. Vtiger integrates seamlessly with the software you already use and synchronizes data between systems in just a click. It automatically creates new records and updates existing record fields automatically. One such integration tool for email is Vtiger’s Mailroom. It can create new CRM records using content from the email’s body. So when you receive an email with a hot lead’s contact information, mailroom creates a lead record, auto-completes the lead fields using information in the email body, and assigns it to a sales associate.

Restrict which users can modify data with sharing rules


When your data is an invaluable part of your business, who should be allowed to see and edit it? At some companies it’s everyone. At others, those privileges are restricted to just managers. However you do it, Vtiger’s configurable sharing rules let you dictate who can modify records, with advanced custom rules that let you set privileges down to the individual field level.

These three techniques can help you keep your CRM dataset clean and accurate so that you can focus on delivering a great customer experience. Have any questions? Please leave us a comment below or send us an email at [email protected]