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How to champion Social Selling in 30 Minutes a Day

Social channels have weaved their way into becoming a ubiquitous part of the sales process and a key driver of success.Studies have shown that more than 10% of socially active sales reps have closed 5 or more deals than the inactive ones.

Yet, only 1 in 4 sales reps leverage social channels for finding prospects and closing deals.

Why is it that only a few sales reps are using social selling?

The reason – they don’t know how to leverage social channels to prospect better, build stronger relationships and win more deals.

If you don’t know where to get started, fear not! We’ve got you covered with the social selling daily routine.

If you’re like the most of the sales professionals out there trying to champion social selling but don’t know where to start, download the free copy of A Definitive Guide To Social Selling now! This ebook helps you understand what social selling is and how you can use it to meet and even exceed your sales targets.

Social selling is a long-term strategy that caters to the ever evolving buyer behaviour. Getting familiar with the process requires patience and ongoing commitment. When done regularly and often, you will get the best result. Once you are comfortable with all the steps, you can experiment and tweak the process to suit your goals.You don’t need to spend several hours every day on social channels to be successful at social selling. Spend 30 minutes or less every day doing the following tasks:

  1. Use LinkedIn to find new connections in your target market and send connection requests to prospects you interact with regularly.
  2. Check who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile and send a connection request if not already connected.
  3. Follow prospects on Twitter and engage with the tweets by liking, commenting, or retweeting.
  4. Review group activities and engage in conversations when relevant.
  5. Check for notifications and messages and respond to them. Monitor, like, share and comment your connections social posts.
  6. Watch for purchase triggers like a prospect asking for opinion on tools in your industry. This helps drive a natural dialogue to develop an opportunity.
  7. Send connection requests to people who engaged with your content.

Follow this daily routine to build trust by engaging in conversations and adding value in as little as 30 minutes a day. The key is to focus on social channels and activities that is most effective to your business. When you follow this daily routine promptly, you will be able to identify what social channels and activities work for your business. Use the insights to tweak your routine and generate new leads and build stronger relationships with potential prospects.