Introducing Vtiger Internal Chat for teams in need of faster communication and better collaboration

Real-time internal communication is an important element for the growth of an organization. When employees can share information and collaborate quickly, fewer important tasks get put on the back-burner. Organizations, realizing the impact of effective communication, are increasingly employing instant messaging applications like Hipchat, Yammer, and of course Slack.

However, when all the customer information and project tasks are tracked in a CRM, your team members toggle between the two systems – first to CRM to extract information, then to chat to exchange it. These siloed systems slow down work and decrease the effectiveness of communication, wasting time and money. We figured there had to be a better way to communicate within the team quickly and have all the interactions and related information available in a single system – so we made one.

Introducing: Vtiger Internal Chat

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Vtiger’s new Internal Chat feature is designed to help your team members communicate and collaborate to get work done faster. Vtiger Chat acts as the hub for all of your team’s internal communication. Want to know the latest update from a recent client meeting? Or to quickly request access to a document? Just send your colleague a message through Vtiger chat and it’ll pop up right in Vtiger. They can then reply instantly directly from the message box – no waiting for return emails, walking over to the other person’s desk, or yelling across the hall required!

Share feedback and ideas in real time to drive your teams to success:


Add users to create groups and start a group chat

In a survey conducted to study how communication within an organization impacts an employee’s performance, 86% of the surveyed complained that poor internal communication and collaboration caused workplace failures. To help team members communicate better with both individuals and groups, Vtiger’s Chat allows you to hold both one-to-one conversations and group chats. Say a sales associate is negotiating a price with a client and wants to check with the manager for a special discount quickly. With one-to-one chat, the associate can instantly ping the manager to get the information and seal the deal immediately. Or, if the client is looking for a new feature, the sales associate can collaborate in real time with the product management team by starting a group chat and build new ideas. Once an idea takes shape, put it to work by creating project and project task. Track the progress on project tasks, send emails updating your customers on the progress to get their feedbacks, share the feedback in group chat and brainstorm enhancements – all of these without having to leave the CRM. And because all the information that is critical to winning a deal is kept centralized, with all team members accessing and collaborating on the most recent information in real time, your teams will see no barriers to success.


Get instant desktop notifications on incoming message

Accelerate the resolution process with presence awareness:


Know who is busy and who is online with presence awareness

Presence awareness is a Vtiger chat feature that allows each team member to set their chat availability. It can be set to either online or busy. This enables other members of your team to quickly see who can assist with urgent matters. For instance, when a customer calls with a billing issue that your support associate can’t answer, the support associate can check who in the accounting team is online and start a conversation to inquire about the customer’s problem. Within minutes, the support member can get back to the customer with the right answer. There is no time wasted on figuring out who is available to respond to the query or waiting for an email reply.

Build stronger teams with enhanced transparency and improved trust:

The most productive teams foster encourage wide participation and inclusiveness as a means of improving both morale and project outcomes. Vtiger chat helps them do that by enabling team members working on the same project to discuss ideas in a single group chat. All members can freely share their questions and concerns – providing them with a sense of inclusion and equality and improving the diversity of ideas and scenarios to consider when creating outcomes. Throughout the course of the project, or at other times, managers and executives can chime in to recognize team member’s work and appreciate it in an open forum, further boosting morale.

With Vtiger Chat, you team members can communicate with one another in real time whether sitting on opposite sides of a table or a country. Read our Internal Chat documentation to get started. If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment or to email us at support@vtiger.com


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