Let Vtiger CRM’s best new features from 2016 change how you work in 2017

It’s almost time to tuck away our memories of last year to commence the exciting journey across the roadmap of 2017. But before we do that, in one final ode to 2016 we’ve put together this list of the biggest features that made their way to our users over the last 365 days, and the resources we’ve created to help you get to know them better.


Sales Inbox

One place for you and your sales team to efficiently manage sales email. See new conversations front-and center. When replying back, see relevant contact and deal information alongside the email. If you need more information from a colleague, tag them in a private @mention on the email, or set a reminder to follow back up. And when you’re finally done, mark the email as “done” to move it out of your box view so you can get on with customer excellence.

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Sales Insights

See a pre-built dashboard with charts that visualize your team’s activity level, efficiency, effectiveness, success rates and more so that you can improve its performance.

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Appointment scheduling

Share your appointment page URL in an email or site page to let contacts choose an open meeting slot on your calendar. Vtiger automatically asks pre-event questions, schedules the meeting, and sends pre-meeting reminders.

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Mobile app for field sales teams

Travel to customer sites? Research who to see with full contact, deal, and other CRM record access. Click to call or email contacts to schedule appointments. Look up contact addresses to chart out your visits. See your calendar, notifications and reminders and monitor CRM record changes while traveling between appointments. When on site, look up your products and pricing, generate qutoes, and get them e-signed on the spot.

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Kanban view of sales deals

A map of all the opportunities in your sales pipeline that ensures you never lose track of another deal. See which rep each deal belongs to, and when it’s expected to close (with extra notifications if the close date is approaching!). When a deal’s ready to move to the next stage, just drag it to the new stage so you can get to working your next deal. Everyone on a sales manager’s team gets a filtered view of their own deals.

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Send RSVP invitations for events

Send RSVP invitations to your contacts and other users, putting the event on everyones’ calendars and ensuring that you know if they’ll be attending a scheduled event.


Round-robin deal assignment

When a new deal comes in, don’t let it sit idly because you’re too busy to assign it on to a rep. Let Vtiger automatically assign it to your sales team members in order of least recently assigned rep. This obeys your reps’ working and holiday hours and ensures that deals are fairly distributed among them.



Support Insights

Make your customers happier with faster case resolutions by your more efficient support team. Support insights shows you a dashboard of your support team and members’ case load, efficiency, performance, and other factors that you can use to develop coaching and mentorship plans, and identify problems for resolution.

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Round-robin case assignment

When a new case comes in, don’t let it sit idly because you’re too busy to assign it on to a rep. Let Vtiger automatically assign it to your support team members in order of least recently assigned rep. This obeys your reps’ working and holiday hours and ensures that deals are fairly distributed among them, but never get assigned to someone that’s absent.


Agent-level business hours

Set when your agents are and are not working, so that cases can be intelligently routed to those on staff while skipping those that are out of the office.



Drag & drop email campaign builder

Build email campaigns in minutes by simply selecting your list of recipients, then dragging and dropping to create visually stunning emails.

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50 Ready to use email templates

Use the pre-built template library for easy-to-adapt inspiration in your next direct email, drip campaign, or mass email campaign.



Time tracking in projects and billing

Built-in time-tracking via a button-click to start and stop the timer, lets you track the amount of time you spend working on a project task. Useful for improving transparency into time spent on tasks, while enabling more accurate time-sheets for billing.

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Vtiger Messenger for internal chat

Improve collaboration among your team members with Vtiger’s internal chat. Start a chat and include any team members with the click of a button. Support teams use it accelerate case resolutions by reaching out faster internally for expertise. Sales teams use it to internally discuss pricing and discounts privately and securely.

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Record level currency

If your teams source deals in foreign currency, let Vtiger automatically show you any internationally denominated currency values in your preferred local currency ensuring that you can make more sense of deals and their value faster.


Duplicate record prevention

If you upload data to Vtiger from CSV files, or integrate with third party software, Vtiger automatically prevents duplicate record creation from those sources.

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Dynamic fields

When you change the value of one field in a CRM record, based on rules that you set, Vtiger can expose or hide other fields to help guide you in filling out CRM records quickly, accurately, and completely.

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