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Leverage Automation to Streamline Customer Support Activities

The boom in technology has reduced human involvement in every field. Technological advancement is prevalent in different domains, from managing business operations to doing household chores. Especially, AI-related discussions must be addressed when it’s related to modern technology.

As mentioned above, technology has paved the way for automation in business which has undoubtedly increased efficiency, reduced costs, and more.

A report by Mckinsey states that organizations have minimized costs by 20-40% due to the smart utilization of technology. Since customer experience (CX) is integral to businesses, automating customer service activities can reap more significant benefits.

Customer Service Automation

As the name suggests, customer service automation uses technology to automate support-related activities. It includes using chatbots or virtual assistants, self-service portals, case routing, etc.

Support automation aims to minimize the workload on support reps and increase the speed of customer support processes. This way support reps can focus on high-priority tasks and build personalized interactions with customers.

However, it’s important to note that while customer support automation can be helpful, it’s only advisable to use it in some situations as customers may demand human interaction. Thus, it becomes important for organizations to strike a balance between automation and human interaction while formulating customer service strategies.

Now, what are the effective automation strategies to boost customer service? To understand that, keep reading the blog post

4 proven customer service automation strategies

Today’s customers look for faster resolutions, and the support team should take expertise in managing many queries. Customer service automation can simplify different activities and helps reps in delivering accurate results. 

Let me walk you through the top 4 proven customer service automation strategies below:

Virtual assistants and chatbots

They are essential to business as they provide quick and efficient customer support. Virtual assistants and chatbots can be available 24×7, so you can clear your customers’ queries outside regular working hours.

They also can provide immediate responses without holding customers for long. This can help you in delivering a superior customer experience. Also, virtual assistants and chatbots can handle large volumes of queries and provide personalized solutions aligned with customer needs.

Case routing

Case routing is an automated process of assigning cases to support reps based on predefined criteria. It can include the customer’s history with the company, demographic information, rep availability, etc. 

With case routing, you can streamline the distribution of cases to the support reps equally. Also, you can remain productive and address queries at a faster pace.

Self-service portals

You can create business content like instructional guides, video tutorials, user manuals, blogs, etc. Collate this information in a single location and give access to your customers. This will allow them to gather business details conveniently and reduce dependency on the reps. 

The self-service portals can escape you from spending long hours on phone conversations and boost user satisfaction. 

Customer analytics and insights

It is important to gauge the customer satisfaction level from the data available. For instance, you can set up a workflow and send an automated email asking them to rate their experience right after the call. 

Similarly, you can conduct surveys or collect feedback to understand how your brand is being perceived. This will help you identify patterns in customer behavior and anticipate customer preferences in the future.

All this can help organizations make better customer decisions and provide personalized recommendations.

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