Six benefits of integrating Vtiger CRM with your WhatsApp account

Instant messaging has replaced traditional methods of commercial communication. Customers want businesses to be able to interact with them immediately.

Did you know that 63% of people would like a company that offered text messaging as a communication channel? *
But messaging applications have evolved beyond their basic function of texting. Internet-based messaging applications like WhatsApp provide an easy and cost-effective way of communication. Sales and customer support teams use these apps to connect with customers. Many of these apps also provide automated messaging bots to handle consumer queries.

As a Vtiger CRM user, have you explored this avenue? You can now integrate your WhatsApp Business account with the CRM through different service providers. This integration enables you to send messages directly from Vtiger CRM to your contacts and leads.

Why should you integrate Vtiger CRM with your WhatsApp account?

Page 6 It has been found that nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of respondents are more likely to purchase from a shopping site that uses live chat messaging with a real employee at the other end.*
Simply put, integrating your WhatsApp Business Account with Vtiger CRM allows you to target, connect, and engage with your customers in an easy and secure manner. From messaging to sharing images and documents, you can use it to accomplish your sales and support activities.

Multiple Service Providers
Also, Vtiger has teamed up with five different service providers to connect WhatsApp with the CRM. You may link your Whatsapp account and send direct messages from the CRM using Twilio, Clickatell, IMIMObile, and Gupshup .

How will this integration benefit you?

WhatsApp can be a great way to connect with your customers. It simplifies client interaction by giving tools to sort and respond to messages rapidly.Let us learn about the benefits of integrating your WhatsApp account with your CRM.

Page 6
  • Cost-effective way of communication: With WhatsApp messaging, you can reach out to a wider audience at the fraction of a cost. You can regularly interact with your contacts, share information, and take feedback to build enriching relationships. You can nurture potential leads, paving the way for conversions.
  • Centralized communication: The WhatsApp module records the details of all messages. You can see different statuses for your messages – whether they were sent, delivered, read, etc. You can also send WhatsApp messages from different modules in the CRM. This works wonderfully if you have to send standard messages like offers, greetings, pleasantries, etc., to all your contacts.
  • Reduced response time: Vtiger-WhatsApp integration provides direct two-way messaging. Send messages from different modules directly from your CRM screens. Delight your customers by responding quickly.
  • Superior customer experience with different types of messages: WhatsApp supports a variety of message formats. They can be simple greetings or quotes and other documents for review and approval. They can be sent in documents, images, videos, etc., helping you create engaging content.
  • Secure messaging: Worried about rules and regulations like GDPR in different countries your customers reside in? WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption and 2FA for your messages mitigating privacy and security concerns.
  • Workflows for messaging: Want to send your message on a specific date? Or send an alert to ensure your customer responds on time? Schedule your messages with Workflows. You can set up a workflow in the CRM for drip-marketing campaigns, standard messages like greetings, etc., and ensure you do not miss out on schedules.

Features of Vtiger-WhatsApp integration

WhatsApp integration with Vtiger CRM provides you with many useful features. You can not only message directly from the CRM screen but you can also:
  • Use standard message templates or customize your messages using pre-approved templates.
  • Send messages from different modules where WhatsApp integration is available.
  • Send messages in the form of standard text messages, notifications, alerts, and even approval notifications.
  • Send messages in the form of images and videos.
  • Attach documents like invoices and quotes along with your messages.
  • Check the status of messages.
  • Open individual messages to view details.
  • Create workflows in the CRM to schedule WhatsApp messages for different dates and times.

WhatsApp integration is available in these editions of Vtiger CRM:
Sales Starter | Sales Professional | Sales Enterprise | Help Desk Professional | One Professional

To integrate your WhatsApp account with Vtiger CRM, talk to us.
BTW, we built WhatsApp integrations with Gupshup, Clickatell, and Textlocal using our low-code platform, VTAP. Click here to know more about VTAP.
* Study Shows U.S. Customers Prefer Texting With Businesses

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