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Tiger Tales – Meet Nitesh, Our Sr. Analyst and Account Manager

Welcome to the 3rd chapter of Tiger Tales, our blog series that highlights how our employees and clients have transitioned to working from home full time and the tools they use to collaborate and stay connected with their colleagues.

Nearly one year into the pandemic, leadership, employees, and teams around the world are becoming increasingly acclimated to working remotely. Companies have also embraced this forced change and enjoy the many benefits of having entire teams and offices work from home. Decreased overhead, increased employee happiness, and a vast talent pool to choose from are just some of the reasons why remote working culture is here to stay. For these reasons alone, having the right tools at your disposal is key to not missing a beat in this new, fast-paced, digital, work-from-home world we live and work in.

This chapter of Tiger Tales focuses on Nitesh and how Vtiger’s CRM has helped him collaborate and accomplish tasks with his colleagues without ever sending an email, making a phone call, or physically joining a meeting.

Meet Nitesh

Nitesh Blog Photo

Nitesh works remotely from his home (accompanied by his wife and 1-year-old daughter) in the town of Madhepura, which is a small farming village in Bihar, India. He has been working for Vtiger since 2012 and is a Sr. Analyst and Account Manager for many enterprise accounts. Nitesh primarily works with the Support Team but also contributes to and collaborates with the Product Development team, Testing Development Team, and the Operations Team.

Nitesh’s Experience Transitioning to Working Full Time from Home

Nitesh has had a positive experience with transitioning to working full time from home and describes the process as “very easy.” He goes on to say, “I am actually able to collaborate just as easily with my colleagues as when I was in the office using the tools in Vtiger. He elaborates on this further, “When I was working in the office, I would physically walk over to the desks of my colleagues when I wanted to schedule a meeting with them. Sometimes it was harder to lock down a meeting room when everyone was available to meet, and a lot of time was wasted just trying to organize the actual meeting. Now, I can simply check the shared calendar of my colleagues and create an event, which then automatically sends out an invite to all the desired attendees.” Locking down meetings with colleagues and clients is made seamless with the help of Shared Calendar, Events, and Appointment pages.

Nitesh’s Story

Nitesh is a valuable asset to many large accounts that rely on him to help them make quick decisions and implement valuable solutions. A while back, when the pandemic was just getting started, one of Nitesh’s accounts reached out to Vtiger for assistance with an issue they were facing while trying to send out email marketing campaigns. They described the issue they were facing as urgent to one of our support representatives, who initially handled the customer’s query. The support representative was able to see that Nitesh was the account manager for this account by viewing the Contact record for this customer and was able to escalate this issue immediately to Nitesh. The only issue was that this all took place when Nitesh was away from his computer.

Let’s review the process of how this issue was handled and resolved by our team:

The support agent who initially handled the customer’s call created a Case (support ticket) describing the issue the customer was facing in the description field of the record. The agent then used the Comments section on the record to @mention Nitesh, alerting him that one of his accounts needed his immediate assistance. Even though Nitesh was not in front of his computer at the time, Nitesh received a notification on the Vtiger Mobile app and was instantly ready to jump into action.

Nitesh describes in his own words how the features in Vtiger helped him to organize a meeting with his account to expedite a solution in order to fix the issue at hand:

Vtiger’s mobile app always helps me to stay connected with my team as it keeps me notified and in the loop on any urgent issues. It allows me to act quickly when any of my accounts need me. Once I received the notification from our support rep, I immediately created a task for my engineering team using the mobile app so they could review the cause of the issue without delay. We quickly identified this as a technical issue from our end and knew we needed to schedule a meeting with the customer to apply a fix on their DNS page.

I always prefer a meeting, which I feel is a much easier way to communicate instead of sending numerous emails. I had to connect with the customer according to their timezone and availability while also looping in my team member, who was helping me in fixing the issue.

Since this customer was one of my accounts, they had access to my Vtiger Appointment Page link, which allows me to share my available time slots for a given period of time. By having access to my availability, they were able to schedule a time slot according to their availability without disturbing my actual schedule. Vtiger does this so smoothly that it takes into account if I am on leave or will block out time slots if I already have another meeting booked. This prevents any double bookings or overlapping events.

As soon as the customer selected a time slot and confirmed, Vtiger automatically created an event and sent me an alert notifying me that a new event was created. I then looped in my colleague by adding him as an invitee to this event, which upon accepting the invite, blocked his calendar as well. All of this was done on my phone using the mobile app while I was away from my system.

I was able to collaborate with my team and meet with the customer right away. My colleague and I resolved this issue with expedited efficiency, without the need to manually send any internal or external emails.

This is just one example of how Vtiger helps me save time by reducing repetitive tasks such as sending emails or invites to customers while trying to work out a time to meet. Instead, I could focus my time and energy on getting the fix for the actual issue.

Below, I have broken down some of the tools in Vtiger that Nitesh and our team used.

Vtiger Mobile App


Take all of your CRM data with you and collaborate on the go with the Vtiger Mobile app. Available for iOS and Android, It’s the perfect tool to stay connected with your customers and collaborate with your team from anywhere at any time. Here are a few ways Vtiger’s Mobile app will benefit you and your team:

  • Get real-time push notifications on upcoming events, tasks, and other important matters
  • Access, modify, and create records on the go
  • Scan business cards
  • Attach documents
  • View your prospect’s location using GPS enabled features
  • Check into events in real-time

To learn more about the Vtiger Mobile App, click here.

Actions Page


Vtiger’s Actions page acts as your very own personal assistant to help you stay focused and on top of your work. The Actions page will enable you to do the following:

  • My Actions – Quickly see overdue and upcoming tasks and events on one screen
  • @Mentions – View and respond to internal comments and @mentions for efficient collaboration with your team
  • Updates – Receive notifications on recent updates and browse all of the updates that have been performed on your records
  • Engagements – See how your customers are interacting with your emails by viewing the opens, replies, downloads, and reshares on the content you sent
  • Configure Alert Rules – Decide what you would like to be notified about and how you would like to receive alerts. Stay on top of your work and get notified about what’s most important to you

To learn more about the Actions page, please read this blog.

Appointment pages


Avoid the hassle of trying to schedule meetings by sending back and forth emails between colleagues, customers, and prospects. Allow anyone who has an Appointment Page link to schedule appointments by conveniently viewing the open availability of your users. In Vtiger, there are three types of appointment pages:

  • Meet Me – Allow your clients to schedule an appointment with a specific user
  • Auto Assigned – Vtiger will automatically schedule an appointment with an available user based on their business hours
  • Group Event – Allows multiple prospects or customers to register for an upcoming event, such as webinars and workshops

To learn more about Appointment Pages, please click here.



Comments are the written communications posted on records in Vtiger. This feature is heavily relied upon internally at Vtiger and virtually eliminates the need to send internal emails to your colleagues. Some of the immediate benefits of using Comments are:

  • Comments added to a record can be viewed and replied to by internal users for quick collaboration and communication.
  • Once a user is @mentioned on a comment, the user will receive a notification in the CRM and an email notifying them of the posted comment.
  • Posted comments can also be viewed and replied to by customers from the customer portal if enabled.

To learn more about Comments, click here.

Try Vtiger Today

Although working from home has many perks, the challenges faced when trying to communicate and collaborate with your teams and colleagues are real. To learn more about how Vtiger can help you and your business overcome these challenges or to sign up for a 15-day free trial click here


Mixed Pricing Options

Vtiger offers your organization the flexibility of using mixed pricing licenses when adding users, ensuring your company is only paying for the access your users need. Choose between three different license types that vary in pricing, including:   

  • Standard User- Internal user who has access to all the modules (sales+marketing+support) included in the Vtiger edition.
  • Single-App User- Internal user who has access to one of the apps/modules (sales/marketing/support) in the Vtiger edition.
  • Light Agent- Internal user who has access to all the Essentials modules and Cases.

To learn more about our mixed pricing options, please click here.