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3 CRM tools every sales manager needs for generating predictable growth

If you’re a sales manager, we understand that you have the toughest job in sales. You hold great responsibilities, work long hours, go on several business trips, and endure high stress. You continuously monitor your sales team’s activities to mentor and motivate your associates to achieve sales targets. You stand accountable for your team’s performance. While you always look for ways to improve your team’s performance and increase sales, it is almost impossible to make reliable decisions without the right set of data and visibility into your sales process.

This is why you need Vtiger CRM. Vtiger CRM not only gives you an easy access to reliable deal related information but also analyzes that data to give you meaningful insights into your sales process. Vtiger gives you 3 powerful tools – sales insights, reports, and sales forecast – to track your team’s performance and sales growth. Let’s take a look at how you can use these tools.

Sales insights: drive sales growth with pre-built analyses of key sales drivers

Vtiger’s sales insights is a powerful tool that lets you visualize your team’s pipeline, sales activities, and performance. With Vtiger’s sales insights you can track and analyze key performance indicators (KPI) such as pipeline value, the number of deals owned by each sales rep, rep’s activities on those deals, total time spent on each deal, deal win rate, and more. Use these actionable insights to spot sales challenges as and when they arise and take necessary decisions quickly. For instance, pipeline activity by owner report tells you how much of time do sales reps spend on every deal. If you see a sales rep spending the same amount of time on all deals, you can ask the rep to increase engagement on high-value deals to get a better return on their invested time.

Custom reports: uncover new insights by slicing and dicing data however you want

While sales insights let you track general performance metrics, custom reports allow you to track metrics that are unique to your business. Vtiger enables you to create custom reports on any CRM data. For instance, you can generate ROI by lead source report to decide budget allocation for different lead generation sources. Or you can generate inventory report to track the flow of products and make purchase decisions.

Vtiger lets you create 3 types of reports – pivot reports, detailed reports, and charts.

Pivot reports let you filter, sort, and group large data in an easy to understand format. A few metrics you can report with pivot tables include:

  • The number and value of opportunities each sales rep is handling
  • The number of customers you have in every country in Asia
  • Revenue generated by each sales rep in every month of the year 2017

Detailed reports let you analyze CRM data at the granular level. A few metrics you can track and analyze with detailed report include:

  • Product details
  • Leads by source
  • Contacts by organization
Charts let you visually represent CRM data. A few metrics you can report with pie, bar, or line charts include:

  • Leads by status
  • Opportunity pipeline
  • Tickets by status

Once configured, custom reports can be scheduled to reach your inbox every day, month, quarter, or year. For instance, you can schedule a daily report to track sales calls, a monthly report to track inventory, a quarterly report to track sales growth.

Sales quota and forecasts: be ready for future sales peaks and dips, with data driven sales projections

With Vtiger CRM, setting sales quotas and forecasting monthly, quarterly, and yearly, sales is less guesswork and more data-driven. Before setting sales quotas, analyze CRM information such as historical revenue generated from existing customers in that region and the number of ideal customers present in that region to ensure that the quotas are achievable. If you think that you’ve set too high or too low targets, then easily adjust quotas at your discretion. Once the quotas are set, Vtiger’s forecast module analyzes your sales team’s opportunities and forecasts the guaranteed revenue for that quarter. And because sales forecasts are subject to variance, Vtiger projects sales revenue of both the best and the worst case scenarios.

Vtiger allows private adjustments on each deal value recorded by your sales reps. Since these adjustments are visible only to higher level managers, sales reps keep working on their own targets. For example, if a deal recorded by a rep at $100,000 is only expected by management to bring in $75,000, a private adjustment invisible to the rep is recorded. This is then visible to all management with access to forecasts for use in subsequent reporting and planning. This ensures that the business operates without interruption, while forecasts are accurate.

Along with these analytical tools for sales managers, Vtiger CRM provides powerful sales automation for sales reps at every stage of sales. Sign up for a free 15 days trial to explore all features in Vtiger.

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