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Make better decisions, with insights from Vtiger’s Reports

Vtiger’s reports are powerful tools that transform the troves of customer (and other) data in your CRM into insightful summaries that confidently inform your growth strategies.

Every day, your customer facing teams generate a plethora of data in Vtiger CRM. Your sales team alone might use Vtiger to record new contact information, create new opportunities, track progress on projects, close deals, generate quotes and invoices, schedule activities and more. Vtiger’s reports allow you to slice and dice all of that data to identify problems and opportunities, and ultimately sell smarter.

“Vtiger allows us to report on all verticals of the business and ultimately review our overall service performance for our customers.” – Dane Streeter, Managing Director at Sharpstream Ltd

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Summarize data in 3 ways – Pivot tables, Tabular reports, and Charts

Vtiger lets you create three types of CRM reports – Detail reports, Pivot reports, and Charts. You can select the report type based on the data you want to represent.

Pivot Report

A Pivot report is an advanced report that lets you organize data across multiple data sets to gain deeper insights. You could use pivot reports to track how many leads each sales associate is handling, how many contacts you have in a country or a city, how much of revenue did your sales associates bring in every month, and more.

Vtiger Pivot Report

Detail Report

Detail report is a tabular representation of CRM data. You can use detailed report to generate reports such as leads by source, contacts by organization, product details, campaign expectations and actuals, and more.



Charts are easy to analyse graphical representation of filtered CRM data. You can create pie, bar, or line charts to visualize number of tickets by status, opportunity pipeline, and more. You can pin these charts to your dashboard to gain quick insights and make better decisions.


Make better decisions with insights from basic and custom reports

Vtiger CRM acts as a single source of truth for all your customer related data. Vtiger brings all your marketing, sales, customer service, inventory, and project related data together in one place. You can drill down on this consolidated data to generate reports to get clear visibility into your entire business process. While inbuilt sales insights, support insights and pre-configured reports get you started with basic reporting in Vtiger, you can generate a plethora of customized reports to gain visibility into specific areas of your business.

“I like how easy everything links together, from this I am able to produce insightful reports to help all aspects of the company.” – Nichola Miller, Advanced Display Solutions Ltd.

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Note: Good decisions are made from good reports that are generated from good data. So it’s crucial to keep your CRM data clean, complete and accurate. Read this blog to learn how to clean up “dirty data” in your Vtiger CRM.

Capture any data you want, then spot underlying patterns, with reports on custom modules

Vtiger lets you create custom modules and fields to capture data that’s unique to your business process. You can run reports on the data stored in these custom modules to better understand your specific business needs and take informed decisions.

“We have a customized field in every product record that defines a reorder level for that particular product. And with customized workflows, we regularly run a report that lists all products that have reached below the defined reorder level. This report helps us ensure that we generate purchase orders in time and always maintain our inventory at a safe level.” – Avinash Yaduka, Managing Director of Krishna Park Infracon.

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Schedule reports and get them emailed straight to your inbox:

Do have reports that you want to generate every day, week, month, quarter, or year? Schedule reports to receive them right into your email inbox. You can also share these reports with your team members by having the reports emailed to your team. For instance, you can schedule daily sales call report to track number of calls and types of calls that your sales team make, or you could schedule monthly report to track sales quotas.

“I have close to 60 reports configured in Vtiger, 10 of which I use every day. Others I use weekly, monthly, etc. I need data and numbers in order to make decisions about what’s best for the company, and Vtiger helps me do that.” – Sriram Manoharan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Contus

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What are your reporting needs? Let us know in the comments section or feel free to write to us at [email protected]

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