KPI + Vtiger CRM




Kolkata, India


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved collaboration


Krishna Park Infracon (KPI) is an innovative car parking solution provider based in Kolkata, India. Partnering with WOHR, a leading manufacturer of car parking systems in Europe, KPI has successfully established a strong foothold in this booming industry with customers spread across India. Since its founding in 2009, the KPI team has installed more than 3000 automated parking solutions for residential, retails, and commercial buildings.


During its initial years, all business related data and processes were managed manually on spreadsheets or papers – and this eventually led to problems. Over time, organising customer related data, monitoring project related tasks, keeping track of inventory, and managing the entire business process on spreadsheets and papers became a costly endeavor. Mr. Avinash Yaduka, the Director of company, soon realised that he and his team were spending hours on repetitive tasks to managing business processes on excel sheets.

The Solution: Vtiger CRM

Avinash started the search for a solution that could automate repetitive tasks and streamline business process to help his team spend more time improving customer service – and that led him to CRM. “Our search for a CRM system that could be customized for our business process ended at Vtiger. With Vtiger we have streamlined our entire business process”, says Avinash.

Vtiger saved us several hours spent on searching and sharing of data

Before using Vtiger, KPI maintained all its business data in excel sheets. As a result, KPI’s team spent at least an hour every day pulling and merging data from different spreadsheets. “Our sales process starts with a pre-sales team member gathering customer requirements. Next, a solution design team analyses these requirements and provides a general arrangement drawing. Once the customer approves the solution, our installation team members visit the site and complete the installation process. After installation is complete our post-sales team takes over post installation services. We also have a customer service team that answers customer queries. During this entire process, from pre-sales to post sales, our team members share a ton of data. Monitoring, tracking and sharing of information on sheets was a difficult and time consuming process.” says Avinash.

With Vtiger, KPI’s team has organized all its business data in one place, and this enables magic to happen. “We use Contacts module to save our customer information, Inventory module to track flow of products, and Case module to track customer issues. Whenever a record is created or modified in Vtiger, the concerned team is instantly notified. Every day, this saves us several minutes spent on sending emails on recent updates. And the global search feature in Vtiger pulls the information we need, running through a zillion records in fraction of a second. I and my team can access any data entered in Vtiger at any point of time without any hassle.”

Vtiger gave us the ability to create new modules to capture additional inventory information

“Inventory tracking is critical for our sales, installation, and servicing processes. Every day, many non-consumable tools such as hardware machines and consumable items such as grease move in and out of our inventory. Unless we track our inventory efficiently to keep our stocks at a safe level, we are likely to make late deliveries – which hurts our customer experience”, says Avinash.

Tracking inventory on spreadsheet was a cumbersome process. There was no efficient way to track how much of inventory was released against a project task or service contract. There was no way to update the quantity on stock when the products went in and out of the inventory.

Avinash continues to say how Vtiger helped solve this problem. “Vtiger gave us the ability to audit goods that move in and out of our inventory. We built two new modules to track the release and procurement of inventory items. Now, every product that goes out of our inventory is entered in Out module and when some of those products return an entry is made in the In module. Every time a product goes out, it is marked against a project task or a service contract or a ticket. This way of tracking inventory items allows us to keep track of individual item movement and opening balance at any point in time.”

Furthermore, Avinash has leveraged Vtiger’s ability to create customized fields and workflows to to keep a tab on the inventory level. “We have a customized field in every product record that defines a reorder level for that particular product. And with customized workflows, we regularly run a report that lists all products that have reached below the defined reorder level. We create purchase order in Vtiger when a product has reached below the reorder level. This process helps us ensure that our inventory is always maintained at a safe level.”

Vtiger’s workflows help us better manage service contracts:

“Our work doesn’t stop at installation of parking solution. Once a project is marked complete, our post sales team members take over and create service contracts. We have different types of service contracts. For instance, a service contract could be a warranty or an annual maintenance contract. For each of these service contracts, we provide different number of servicing in a year. We have a few service contracts that provide 6 services a year and a few others that provide 4 services. Before using Vtiger, managing these service contracts was bothersome”, says Avinash.

“With Vtiger’s workflows working with service contracts is a cakewalk. When a service contract is created, we have a custom workflow that creates tickets for every service. For instance, if a service contract provides 6 services, then 6 tickets are created automatically. Each of these tickets are closed after completion of a service. We have workflows on tickets to send email reminders to my service team. This ensures that we never miss a service appointment. On completion of a service, we close the ticket and an automated SMS and email notification goes to our customer.”

Vtiger helps Krishna Park Infracon team save time, improve collaboration, and get things done on time. Avinash uses Vtiger to track every sales activity and monitor all customer calls to guide his team excel at what they do. With Vtiger’s flexibility and customizability, Avinash is able to better organize his entire business process.